No Mother Should Worry

Hillary-ClintonHillary Clinton made a speech addressing the Trayvon Martin travesty in which she stated:

“My prayers are with the Martin family and with every family who loves someone who is lost to violence. No mother, no father should ever have to fear for their child walking down a street in the United States of America.”

I know it wasn’t the time or place, but I wish Hillary would have gone so much further with this statement. Walking down the street is but one of the many things that mothers and fathers should never have to worry about.

In America, no mother nor no father should have to worry:
– If their child may be shot to death by some crazed gunman at his school today.

– If their child gets ill, can they afford to get medical help to save his life (this one should be fixed by the ACA)

– If their child will receive a good public education equal to those in the suburbs

– If their child and their family will receive adequate nutrition

– If their child will be able to receive post-secondary education if they show the ability. This is also good for society.

– If the parents have to take decreasing wages because their jobs have been sent overseas.

I doubt I came anywhere near exhausting the possibilities of what could have been added to Hillary’s speech. But I am sure there are some readers who are screaming “Governments are broke. How do we pay for this?” Somehow we did most of this before in an age where priorities were much different. In the time after World War 2 America was deeply in debt.

But we had leaders at the time who understood a couple of things. First we could grow our way out of debt, we weren’t going to get out of debt through austerity. Second America must always prepare for the future. Preparing for the future must be the very fabric of our country. Such preparation must be led by government leaders for the whole country. To pay for it taxes would be apportioned among the people and corporations on a graduated basis based on income.

It worked incredibly well for nearly 40 years. Then Ronald Reagan came to power and the age of personal greed took over. The days of putting country and the whole ahead of personal gain went away. Reagan declared “Government is the problem” paving the way for the starvation of society as a whole.

With manipulation of tax codes the vast majority of American society slowly got worse off. At the same time a few wealthy and corporations became unimaginably rich.

Twenty years before Reagan declared war on the government (from within the government no less) another young president sounded the call to citizens to be citizens of America when he said “Ask not what your country can do for you, Ask what you can do for your country.”

It is once more time to act on those words. It is time to elect officials who care more about the health of the whole. We have had more than enough of those elected officials who have bled the country for their own gain and the gain of their friends. Much as Kennedy led us to new frontiers, we need leaders who can lead us to conquer the wastelands left by years of Republican rule.

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