Privatizing Education: Not Good

I came across this video by David Sirota discussing the how and why of privatizing our education system.

The Iowa legislature recently passed some education reform measures that were proposed in the most part by Gov. Branstad. Branstad is a founder of ALEC. ALEC has as one of its basic principles to privatize all but the the very dregs of education and turn “public” schools into as much of a scary term as “public” housing. I fear that Branstad’s proposals are only the first move in a slow plot to gradually defund Iowa’s public education and shift our tax money to private companies.

Since the companies that look to take over our education system throughout America are private, there will be less input allowed by the public. Of course the for profit companies will not be forced to take those children who are at the fringes – the physically unable, the mentally unable, those who present behavior problems. Thus, what is left of “public” schools will be those selected out by the privatized system. Public schools will become a battleground.

We have a good public school system in Iowa now. I hope the recent reforms turn out well. All things can be improved. However we see the signs that the ‘education for profit’ groups have staked out Iowa as a target. We see that with the establishment of the Orwellian named “Students First” group in Iowa. We also know that they and others like them have a friend in the governor’s mansion in Terry Branstad.

I am still a believer that the public school system is one of the greatest and fairest systems ever built. Just look around you and it is obvious that it is capable of training citizens who can accomplish great things. Replacing such a public held system with a system built to profit only a few seems ill thought out.

And to me, the best way to stop the rush to privatizing is to send Branstad into retirement.

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