D-Day June 6, 1944

D-Day_landing My late Father-in-law joined thousands on Omaha Beach that day

He only spoke of it briefly in all the time I knew him. He seldom said anything about WWII.

He had lived the horror of war and never wanted to talk about it. He put his medals in a dresser drawer never to look at them again.

With the 50th anniversary coming up his cousin, a nurse in WWII, asked if he would join her in going over for the event. He said no saying that once was more than enough. He had no desire to relive the bullets flying over his head or slogging through the mud or seeing his fellow soldiers get killed.

I wanted so badly to ask him lots of questions, but I learned early on to let him deal with this aspect of his life as he wanted and that was to leave it in the past, untouched as much as possible

Thanks, Bob, for your service.

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