Sunday Funday Where The Heck Is Spring Edition

One day I am turning on the AC, the next day I am turning on the snow blower. What the heck? Speaking of blowers, did this cause Limbaugh to go on one of his patented “no global warming” tirades. Well let’s face it, Limbaugh blows no matter what.

just not sure

just not sure

Speaking of blowing, if you were awake at all last week, you should be able to blow through this week’s questions with little resistance. Have fun.

1) A professional basketball player came out as gay last week. What team did he play for this year?

2) Governor for life Branstad took a sideswipe at what potential GOP senate candidate when he said “We don’t need another congressman in the senate.”?

3) At the White House correspondents dinner Saturday, Pres. Obama had a suggestion as to who the GOP could start their minority outreach with. Who is that?

4) Little hoopla was made a couple of weeks ago when this future major baketball star came out a couple days before the draft. Who was it?

5) What magazine publisher endorsed Mark Sanford in this weeks election for US District 1 representative in South Carolina?

6) The FDA approved sale of the morning after pill to women over what age, even though this still does not comply with a judge’s ruling on the matter?

7) In what state did a 5 year old boy shoot and kill his 2 year old sister?

8) This state became #10 on the list of marriage equality. What is it?

9) Ted “Calgary” Cruz is looking at running for president. Why is he nicknamed “Calgary?”

10) By a 4-2 vote, the Iowa Senate Ethics Committee voted to request an independent special counsel be appointed to investigate whom?

11) An Iowa Jury awarded $240 million to the abused workers of a turkey plant in what Iowa city?

12) What business did Secretary of Commerce nominee Penny Pritzker’s family make their fortune in?

13) What did Mohammed Sohel Rana own?

14) How much did the NRA “donate” to Grassley? Not for his vote mind you. Surely he believes that everyone should be ready to kill anybody.

15) New Hampshire senator Kelly Ayotte was confronted over her vote on background checks by who?

Bonus: 50 years ago this week, what was the #1 rock and roll song?

1) The Washington Wizards – maybe the worst team in basketball

2) Steve King

3) Pres. Obama himself.

4) Brittney Griner – she will be playing professionally for the Phoenix Mercury

5) Hustler magazine owner Larry Flint

6) age 15 or above can purchase plan B.

7) Kentucky

8) Rhode Island.

9) That is where he was born – Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Unlike Obama who was born in the foreign country of Hawaii

10) Sen. Kent Sorenson of Milo

11) West Liberty

12) Hyatt Hotels (noted for union busting.)

13) The building that fell down last week killing at least 500 garment workers.

14) $163,000 and change.

15) the daughter of the principal who was killed at the Newtown Elementary School

Bonus – If You Wanna Be Happy by Jimmy Soul

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