Let’s Just Put The Whole Budget Under The Pentagon

2026_curious-catIf there is one thing that is for sure in this country, it is that it is difficult to put each and everything into an exact pigeon hole. There is often a bits and pieces of something that maybe doesn’t fit in the hole selected. Maybe a portion of it belongs in another hole. Conversely, some of the holes we put stuff into have had their scope increased to accommodate what material is placed in a given pigeon hole.

In such a vein, on an elevator at corporate HQ one day I heard one young up-and-comer tell another that “I didn’t hit my targets this quarter.” “What’re you going to do?” his friend asked. “Best I can think of is to expand my targets so my results fit in them.” was the response. I almost broke out laughing, but to be honest it was a solution that might be able to fool some folks.

In a slight twist on that line of thinking – in my life I have seen politicians easily find money for war and weapons at the same time they claim they can’t afford a band aid for Tommy’s cut finger at the local elementary. We found what? – $2 Tr for wars and $3 Tr for tax cuts at the same time but we have had to close schools and fire teachers and police and fire fighters. So it seems that the only mouth at trough that gets fed is the one with “PENTAGON” taped to it.

Well, it seems that the obvious solution is to expand what the “PENTAGON” sign covers. Like maybe it would be good if our recruits could speak to each other, maybe ad 2 + 2, maybe be able to extract a lesson from what they read. Maybe K – 12 money ought to be put in under the “PENTAGON” for future soldiers.

While we are at it – how about throwing some health care for kids in there? For the future soldiers you know. Maybe we could sneak in a little food aid in there too? You know, kids can’t fight if they die before they are 18. You know when the target gets expanded it can be amazing what fits. Shoot, we could probably even fit in a lot of highway an infrastructure rebuilding that the country needs so desperately. Just put it under “PENTAGON.”

Raping The Post Office
Well, it looks like the republicans are about ready to raise another big scalp in their quest to dismantle the government. Probably one of the most efficient government offices ever, an office that withstood redcoats, Indians, two World Wars and the internet are about to lose out to Republicans. The reason? No it is not the internet as NPR keeps reporting, nor is it inefficiency. No it is simply impossible rules placed on them by Republican run congresses in the 2000s. The rules can’t be changed because of the totally hosed filibuster rules and the recently gerrymandered House of Representatives.

And the bottom line is to bust the unions. Congratulations, Republicans, you are saving your concept of America by destroying America. But remember one thing, rural Americans love their town post offices and when those doors start shutting, votes will be leaving your party.

Even Karl Hates King
Gee, can’t hate spewing tea partier even get a break from his own buddies. Steve King must have felt like the luckiest little boy in Western Iowa last week when Tom Harkin announced he was stepping down. Then reality hit. First a poll saying that as of now he would lose to his own shadow if the senate race were run today. Then King Karl Rove announced he would actually attempt to stop tea partiers (he didn’t mention King by name) from running for the Senate. Well, here’s betting The King of Western Iowa will stay in his hidey hole for 2014. Can’t a guy get any love???

Loebsack Town Hall

If you are as outraged at the current safety concerns in this country with the nearly unrestricted use of guns, I believe you will want to be on the Loebsack telephone town hall Wednesday night. Instructions for getting connected are here:

Contact The FCC For Nationwide WI-FI.

Trish Nelson posted this very important story on the possibility of the FCC pushing for a national WI-FI network. The United States is far behind much of the rest of the industrialized world in internet capabilities. This is a sorely needed upgrade. Please contact the FCC as  suggested here:



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