Sunday Funday – Madam Secretary

bpm-questions-you-should-ask-your-bpms-vendor1Tomorrow morning Hillary Clinton gets to sleep in. For the first time in who knows when, she is not in some office or running for some office. So now she gets to wander around the house in curlers and a bathrobe boning up on Fox News and yelling at Bill to take out the garbage.

But who were the females who preceded her as cabinat members? Let’s see what you know.

1) She was the first female secretary of state and the first foreign born female to serve in the cabinet.

2) This first female cabinet member was one the main reasons that unions became viable in this country, but her crowning achievement was Social Security. Name this Secretary of Labor under FDR.

3) The Department of Labor has had the most female secretaries, seven. One could make a case that the Labor secretary under George W. Bush would better be considered the Secretary against Labor. Who was she?

4) This woman is the first woman to have served in two different cabinet posts in two different administrations, as Ronald Reagan’s Secretary of Transportation and as George H.W. Bush’s Secretary of Labor. Hint, she is also married to a former Republican Presidential candidate.

5) The first African-American woman cabinet head served under Jimmy Carter as the secretary of HUD and then as the Secretary of HEW which became the department of Health and Human Services. Any idea who this woman is?

6) The second woman to head a cabinet department, this woman was the first secretary of Health, Education and Welfare under Dwight Eisenhower. She was also the first commander of the Women’s Army Corp. Can you remember who she was?

7) She is the daughter of a former governor, a former governor herself and now the Secretary of Health and Human Services. She will be charged with implementing Obamacare (aka the ACA). Who is she?

8) Following an incredible stint as National Security Adviser, she became the second female Secretary of State. Also famous for having an oil tanker named for her, who is this woman?

9) The first Hispanic woman to serve in the cabinet, this recently departed head of the Labor Department spent most of her term trying to rebuild the Labor Department after years of more than neglect. Who is this daughter of immigrants?

10) President Clinton had several female cabinet heads. But his pick as Attorney General became a lightning rod for controversy. Yet she survived the both terms. Appointed from her post as Florida’s state attorney, who is this former Attorney General?

Bonus 1) Who is the husband to the secretary in question 3?

Bonus 2) Who is the father of the secretary in question 7?

Madame Secretary, we salute you! Here is my hope that Mrs. Clinton gets her wish to rest a bit. She deserves it. And we thank you for your service to our country.

If you get the bonus questions, you get an extra dip into the salsa bowl during the BIG GAME!


1) Madeleine Albright

2) Frances Perkins

3) Elaine Chao

4) Elizabeth Dole

5) Patricia Roberts Harris

6) Oveta Culp Hobby

7) Kathleen Sebelius

8) Condoleeza Rice

9) Hilda Solis

10) Janet Reno

B1) Elaine Chao is married to Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell

B2) Kathleen Sebelius’ father was Jack Gilligan, governor of Ohio from 1971 to 1975.

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