Grassley, Please Retire!

cgAfter hearing the totally unexpected retirement of Sen. Tom Harkin following the end of his term, my first thought was that I hope our senior (quite senior) senator would take a hint and announce his retirement also. While Tom Harkin is one of the good guys who helps the poor, the downtrodden and especially the middle class, Grassley has degenerated into one of the biggest obstacles to getting anything done in the senate.

Once more earlier this week, Chuck showed once more why he is an anchor on America and a continuing embarrassment to Iowa. The bill to help the northeast recover from the debilitating blow dealt them by Sandy came before the Senate and Grassley to his shame voted no. This is the same Senator who back in November 2011 was using his influence in Washington to restore some $66 million from FEMA after FEMA had decided that money would be better spent elsewhere:

“CEDAR RAPIDS — City Hall has an ally in Sen. Chuck Grassley as it works to convince the Federal Emergency Management Agency to restore about $66 million in disaster funds.

The city had expected the funds for incinerator repair and replacement at the city’s wastewater-treatment plant and for demolition at the former Sinclair meatpacking plant.

Grassley’s office on Wednesday released a copy of a letter the senator has sent to Craig Fugate, FEMA administrator, asking Fugate to reconsider FEMA’s decision to shift gears and de-obligate funds to the city after FEMA earlier had said it would pay them. The city has spent its own money for some of the work, the senator’s letter states.

“Three years later, the city of Cedar Rapids is still recovering from the floods, and FEMA’s change of position midstream is resulting in delays and possible elimination of millions of dollars, (which) is threatening the city’s finances,” the senator’s letter says.”

One of the reason that people form a government is so that their moneys can be pooled to help in times of disaster. Voting against that is just a slap in the face to the concept of the union.

Grassley will be 80 in September, an age that Harkin cited as a reason to retire. In 2009, Grassley celebrated his 50th year of (as he calls it) “sucking off the government teat” having been first elected to a government body in 1959 and continuosly since then. The $1.25 million his family has brought in through farming subsidies has been a good haul also. Why would he begrudge the northeast money they desperately need rebuilding just like Iowa did a few years ago following the floods?

Senator Grassley no longer represents the best interests of Iowa or the country. Follow Mr. Harkin’s lead, Senator and announce your retirement.

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