Sunday Funday – Top Ten Evil Toys Edition

The other day I received an email listing the 10 most dangerous toys that American industry has ever foisted on American children. And those manufacturers wonder why we need consumer protection bureaus. So I will try to write a brief description of the toy and you see if you try to guess what it is. Some are kind of obscure, but see what you can come up with.

I come from a time where putting BB guns and wood burning kits into the hands of a 7 year old was thought to be good ideas. So here we go:

1) 2007: A toy based on a crime show contains a powder that has up to 5% asbestos that could easily be inhaled. The manufacterer decides to leave it on the store shelves and only recalls when lawsuits threaten it.

2) Building set with many small magnetic parts that are easily swallowed by children but don’t easily pass through. Often the magnets attract each other in the intestines blocking blood flow and other stuff.

3) Water toy for babies, straps would tear and dump the baby into the pool.

4) Named after a pop star, this toy contained 75X the level of allowable lead. However it was left on the sales shelf because the lead was encased in vinyl and not paint as regulations pointed at.

5) One of 2007’s most popular toys, this toy had easily swallowed small beads that were coated with what is commonly known as the date rape drug.

6) An offshoot of a very popular doll line, this little guy had a one way mechanical mouth that ate anything including fingers and toes. Despite this, this toy was left on the shelves to sell.

7) You know that scene in the movies when an unsuspecting individual steps on an apparently innocuous cargo net, only to be hoisted into the air by what turned out to be a trap? Well, it became a killer of a toy for youngsters.

8) One of my favorites: Who would have ever thought steel missiles with a weight skewer and sharp point wouldn’t be dangerous. Once a popular lawn game, until big brother discovered the real purpose.

9) The 1950s brought a couple of classics. In a time when BB guns were considered safe, this gun shot actual flames when launching plastic balls.

10) And the other 1950s entry, this chemistry set contained actual radioactive uranium. The gift that keeps on giving, cancer!

Do I need to say I am not recommending any of these toys? I am not recommending any of these toys. Frankly, I thought the Furby would be in there someplace since I saw two women attack each other at 6 o’clock in the morning over one many years ago.


1) CSI: Fingerprint Examination Kit – the fingerprint powder had 5% asbestos which didn’t seem to bother the manufacturer. The Asbestos Disease Control Awareness Org. filed suit to have it removed from sale.

2) Magnetix – After some children suffered painful death the toys were recalled, but were rebranded as MagNext in 2008 and are still on sale as far as I know.

3) Inflatable Baby Boats – by Aqua Leisure. 30 babies nearly drowned in 2009 when these toys were recalled.

4) Hannah Montana Pop Star Card Game (with extra lead). By Disney

5) Aqua Dots – since rebranded as “Pixos” and still on the shelves today.

6) Snacktime Cabbage Patch Doll – eventually pulled –  after Christmas.

7) Mini hammock – do I need to tell you why?

8) Lawn Darts or Jarts.

9) The Austin Magic Pistol – the magic is that we survived.

10) The Gilbert U-238 Atomic Energy Lab

The Energy Lab had not only U-238, but a couple of other scary chemicals. Check out this page to read all about these wonderful toys and the extra ingredients in the Lab Kit.

Shop as though your kids lives depend on it!


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