Sunday Funday – A Turkey Of A Quiz

Guess what folks – Thanksgiving is nigh upon us. The night when the Tasty Turkey delivers – uh – I mean FOOTBALL! No, I mean family, friends and yes good food often featuring that favorite bird of many – the Turkey. But what do you know about turkeys? Let’s take a little quiz and see if you are deserving of a second helping Thursday – or even a first.

1) That thing that hangs over the turkey’s beak is called a(n)
a) aphora
b) snood
c) bobble
d) noodle

2) Turkeys are most closely related to
a) pheasants
b) owls
c) buzzards
d) grouse

3) Can domesticated turkeys fly?
a) yes
b) no

4) OK, what is the flap of skin that hangs from the chin?
a) gobble
b) flute
c) wattle
d) titch

5) Approximately how many turkeys will be consumed this Thanksgiving?
a) 100 million
b) 150 million
c) 70 million
d) 50 million

6) Famously, what Founding Father suggested the turkey as the national symbol over the eagle?
a) George Washington
b) Benjamin Franklin
c) Thomas Jefferson
d) John Adams

7) About how many feathers does an adult turkey have?
a) 3,500
b) 5,000
c) 2,500
d) 8,200

8) Lore has it that TV dinners began when leftover turkeys and other thanksgiving fixins were put on a compartmentalized tray by:
a) Campbell’s Foods
b) Banquet Foods
c) Swanson Foods
d) Birdseye Foods

9) As deep-frying turkeys has become more popular, what else has gone up in numbers?
a) Salmonella due to eating undercooked turkey.
b) house pets dying from eating unattended turkey
c) house fires from hot grease
d) bones being accidently eaten

10) The biggest Turkey in the United States for 2012 is
a) Mitt Romney
b) David Petraeus
c) Pat Robertson
d) Rush Limbaugh

Well, that quiz was sure a turkey. Be sure to spout what you learned from today’s quiz to drive guests out of your house early Thursday!

Answers? I’m a turkey, I know nothing! OK here you go:

1) b) that would be the snood.

2) d) grouse

3) b) no – domesticated can’t fly

4) c) it is the wattle

5) d) getting real close to 50 million – last year it was 47 million

6) b) Ben Franklin’

7) a) 3,500

8) c) the Swanson brothers who owned Swanson Foods

9) c) house fires

10) a) b) c) d) it is a 4 way tie! Debate it over dinner Thursday.

Happy Thanksgiving all!

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