And the Winner is…

Larry Hodgden graces blogforiowa once more with his opinion on the outcome of the recent election. As you may remember, Larry is a retired Viet Nam veteran who spends much of his time with his family.

Democracy. When voters endure eight hour waits in lines to vote and get in line in pre-dawn hours to mark their ballots, when hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of unpaid volunteers give up their weekends, their nights and more to work tirelessly for their party and their candidate, when several hundred millions dollars of negative ads fail to fool the voters, when efforts to restrict the rights of citizens to vote are rejected by the courts, democracy has a real chance to prevail in the United States of America.

Congratulations to all the candidates, win or lose, you have made a great contribution to the democratic process as did the voters who had an unprecedented opportunity to consider differences between candidates and political parties. This was afforded us by our Constitution’s first amendment that guarantees the freedom of speech and freedom of the press, a freedom demonstrated to its fullest by all the papers that printed many letters from citizens wishing to express an opinion or remind us of the successes and failures from past political decisions.

We are all glad to see this election completed but our responsibilities as a citizen have not ended. We cannot hide our head in the sand or get all our news from a single partisan source and expect to make informed decisions. We should all monitor the legislative process going forward and remind our elected leaders of promises made. There is no disagreement that we face serious fiscal problems in this country, now let’s remind our new leaders of their need to compromise and solve those problems.

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  1. RevRayGreen says:

    MItt’s home state liberated the same plant for individuals who will no doubt benefit from the change in law…..In Colorado and Washington, cannabis was liberated for all adults 21 and over, major part of provision is no jail or arrest if you have less than 1 ounce or less. #2 provision is you are allowed to grow 6 plants in your home. added bonus, Washington does not have, at the moment, there are at least five states, Missouri one of them, introducing legalization bills… The ‘Green Closet’ is now open…time for Iowa to come out… start releasing non-violent adults in jails and our prisons on marijuana charges,it is costing you the GOP…and the reefersad Dems….


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