“Baghdad Bob” Rove?

Am I the only one who sees a strong resemblance between Karl Rove and Baghdad Bob, the Iraqi star of the short film “Saddam Is Winning!” Remember how Bob stood out in the streets with reality raining down around him in the form of bombs, declaring that Saddam Hussein was indeed still in charge? The resemblance between Bob and a certain Republican strategist is amazing. With electoral bombs raining around his ears, Rove stands up proudly and declares that Romney didn’t really lose.

Does Rove Believe Billionaires Are That Stupid?
Well, apparently yes he does. At least they had better be if he wants to be able to scam them for the 2014 election. No doubt his company is probably already unveiling their 2014 line.

Congratulations to Loebsack and Braley
Once again Bruce Braley vanquishes Ben Lange. This time Lange was whupped badly enough that he will probably crawl off to the dustbin of history. If the dustbin will have him. Thank you Bruce and keep up the good work.

Some of my friends were surprised by the size of Loebsack’s win over Archer. I wasn’t. Dave has become one of the best at keeping in touch with his district. People like and respect that and Loebsack was rewarded for that Tuesday. Keep up the good work, Dave.

Cleaning Out The Campaign Office
As many of you may know, Carol and I were deep in the Sara Sedlacek campaign for the Iowa House. We all worked hard and Sara was a great candidate, but in the end it was all for naught. So Wednesday morning, we were up early with little sleep and down to the office. Cleaning up after the election has to be one of the most drudge of drudge jobs. We are mentally and physically drained and now have to go about the task of returning to normalcy. Digging through the very ends of the campaign is about the last thing anyone wants to do. Not having a local victory to enjoy made it a little tougher, but the Obama and Loebsack wins soothed the pain.

Looks like one big winner once again in Iowa was ALEC. Fortunately, the Iowa senate stays in the hands of Democrats. This is the only block between us and Iowa becoming a Wisconsin. But you can bet that ALEC will be working hard to get their agenda passed, especially a property tax bill to their liking that will choke cities in Iowa. This would force cities to privatize services. This is usually a poor answer. If I recall correctly, this is the bill advanced by Ways and Means committee chair Tom Sands. His bill died justifiably in the Senate last year. May it happen again this year. But ALEC needs to be watched like a hawk and I hope to do my part.

Caging In Council Bluffs?
It looks like a voter suppression attempt took place in Pottawatamie county this election. Letters were sent from some unknown group to houses stating that if the residents did not go to the auditor’s office to prove that they indeed lived where they said they did, their absentee ballots wouldn’t count. Auditor Marilyn Jo Drake is on top of it. Read more here

Bob Vander Plaats: Please Go Away Now
You lost, Bob. You and your group of haters lost. Iowans are more concerned that justice continues to be served and are not interested in punishing a judge for doing his job. The only bad outcome that has come of the equal marriage decision has been the scorn and shame you and your group bring to the good people of Iowa. Your stinking up the state, Bob. Time to move to Mississippi or maybe some state where your form of hate is more acceptable.

Fox News Not The Only Bubble.
While we hear many pundits speaking of the “Fox News Bubble” the past couple of days, I must say they were only slightly worse than most of the corporate media. As I said before, the corporate media needed a close horse race to bring in the viewers to run the glut of campaign ads. I was once a huge fan of NPR to the point I would have it on all over the house. Now after giving credence to many of Romney’s claims and letting incredulous right wing claims go unchallenged, I seldom listen to NPR. Corporate media owns ABC, NBC and CBS also. Make little doubt they were cheering Romney on. Local papers were little but stenographers. The endorsement of Romney by the Des Moines Register and QC Times let us know where their hearts lay.

Even the vaunted MSNBC has a stable of right wingers (especially Morning Joe) who seemed to feel their job was to promote Romney and to hell with any truth.


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