Why This Election Is So Important

vote nowI will be brief this week. I haven’t checked with others in our group of writers, but I am guessing that most will be up to their eyeballs working the Get Out The Vote (GOTV) effort this weekend. But I do want you to understand why I believe this election may be a make or break for our democracy.

In one simple word, money. If huge, huge money triumphs in this first presidential election after the Citizens United decision, then from here on out the wealthy will have a green light to do all they can do to buy elections from here on. If they are successfulthen money will totally rule. Money is so close to totally ruling now it is scary.

However, if money is defeated at the presidential level and on the congressional level, there may be a chance that our battered democracy can begin to make a comeback.

The second reason that this is such an important election is that if the monied interests win, they will begin the systematic final destruction of the New Deal and the idea that the government is a force for good in this society. As evidenced by the devastation caused by hurricane Sandy, we do need a national government to pull resources together to help us return to normal lives. But if the monied interests win, that will end. Such relief will be privatized (Mitt Romney’s idea) and as best as I can figure it will be up to you to to fix your problems.

The third reason is certainly the make up of the Supreme Court. If the reactionary folks on the right are elected, nominees to the Supreme Court will be radically right. They will then continue the dimantling of civil rights laws and government safety net programs begun by the worst Court ever, The Roberts Court.

At the state level, we need to stop the changing of Iowa from one of the most common sense places to live into a right wing bastion. Under the guise of the Republican Party, the corporations that run ALEC have taken control of the Iowa legislature. If Republicans win, we will see things like the stand your ground laws that made headlines across the country. We will also see such atrocities as privatized prisons, the government in women’s reproductive rights, the government in our bedrooms and the choking of resources for urban areas under the guise of property tax reform. These bills are already in our legislature. Right now the only thing holding them back is a slim democratic majority in the Iowa Senate.

And don’t think Terry Branstad is in any way someone who will stop this regressive legislation. Branstad is a founding member of ALEC. He can’t wait to get his name on some of the worst legislation ever in Iowa history. Iowa was once an oasis of civility and sanity in this country. But we have many among us who want us to be just like Mississippi. I have been there and it is ugly.

Be sure to vote if you have not done so already. And when you are done, march down to your local Democratic headquarters and help make some calls to get others like you to remember to vote.

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