Voting At Walmart?

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If Republicans thought their policies were so popular that everyone loved them, they would enact legislation so you could vote at Walmart when you stop in to buy some much needed item that was made in China. I can almost hear the checkout person say “There is no one in line if you want to vote at our Customer Service Center today.”

Lying On The Job

To paraphrase Barney Frank (were he speaking to Mitt Romney) “Pardon me sir, but what planet do you live on?” Facts that Romney states as facts may be facts on some planet, but not this one. Our space telescopes and probes have shown that the universe is probably much larger than we previously thought. This means that the chances of finding a planet where what Romney says is the truth has gotten better, although still mighty slim. We know for sure it is not this planet.

FDR Responds To Romney


Why Attacking Big Bird Failed

I think one of the major reasons that Mitt Romney’s attack on Big Bird failed so miserably is that Big Bird is so much more human than Romney. Honestly, Big Bird is a kind, caring sympathetic and empathetic soul. I am fairly sure Romney is run by a Ni-cad battery system.

A Headline I Was Tempted to Use, But Didn’t

“Big Bird attacked By Big Turd.” So proud I have avoided the temptation to say that in public.

“Old man beating up kid on my TV”

Tweet sent by Bill Maher during the Biden/ Ryan debate.

Recovery Not Fast Enough, But Who Caused The Depression, Anyway?

The big Republican talking point is that the Obama Administration is not recovering the economy fast enough. Now, unlike their last hero George W., Mr. Obama did not walk into a rosy situation. No, Mr. Obama walked into the worst mess in a century with the global market just on the edge of going under in a huge way.

Which makes me wonder – are the Republicans wanting to get back in power so they can totally destroy the ecnomy? They have never really told us what their plan is and I wouldn’t believe them if they did. What they have admitted is that they were planning on emulating Bush policies. This makes me think that they actually want to create a bigger depression so they can implement policies they were not able to first time around.

Ryan Verifies Republicans Believe Women Second Class Citizens

During the debate last night, Paul Ryan confirmed with his answer on the abortion question during his debate with the Vice-President. I have daughters. There should be no reason why they should be paid less than a man for the same work. There is no reason they should ot be able to have a safe, legal medical procedure within the borders of the United States. Tell me what safe, legal procedures are denied to a man within the US, please?


No Loyalty To America, Mr. Romney?

The man sends jobs to China. He hides money in other countries so he can avoid paying his fair share of taxes here. The very same taxes that helps our country provide protection and education and other services that we share.

How can a person vote for Romney when he shows his disdain for our country daily? Would the Catholics pick a Muslim as Pope?



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  1. Alex says:

    I wouldn’t go into any Walmart if it was the last retailer on the earth.
    Why would I want to vote there?


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