Sunday Funday There’s a Big Bird At The Door Edition

Who the heck is this creature knocking at my door asking for a contribution for Public Television? It’s big and yellow and seems to have feathers. YES, indeed it is the fabled Big Bird. Recently maligned by a famous wealthy person, Mr. Bird is going door-to-door to keep his job.

But what do we know about this character? Well, here are some questions to see what you know about Big Bird, other big birds and other creatures of Big Bird’s ilk – muppets, I mean.

1) So how old is this “Big Bird” anyway?
a) 43
b) 48
c) 38
d) 33

2) Big Bird lives
a) in a nest in a tree on Sesame Street
b) in a house on Sesame Street
c) in a nest behind 123 Sesame Street
d) in a large bird house in the back yard of 123 Sesame Street

3) The actor inside Big Bird actually navigates by using
a) eyeholes in the neck
b) voice directions from an offscreen helper
c) looking through the mouth
d) a camera-small tv hookup inside the costume

4) There is some rumor that Tweety is related to Big Bird. Tweety also once claimed relationship with what famous person?
a) Admiral Bird
b) Larry Bird
c) Sue Bird
d) Bill Bird

5) The guy inside the Big Bird costume is actually
a) Frank Oz
b) Bill Keller
c) Caroll Spinney
d) Thomas Frank

6) Big Bird’s character is actually owned by
a) Disney Company
b) Sesame Workshop
c) Jim Henson Company
d) Muppets, Inc.

7) The first Muppets were originally created by Jim Henson in what year?
a) 1969
b) 1965
c) 1958
d) 1954

8) Jim Henson and his Muppets first got national exposure on what show?
a) Ed Sullivan
b) Jimmy Dean
c) Garry Moore
d) Carol Burnett

9) Who was the Muppet that was the first nationally known Muppet via that show?
a) Rawlf the Dog
b) Kermit the Frog
c) Miss Piggy
d) Big Bird

10) Finally, how tall is Big Bird?
a) 7′ 10″
b) 9′ even
c) 8′ even
d) 8′ 2″
Aw the big doofus is really lovable. Don’t let the mean old Romney throw him off the air. Big Bird! Big Bird! Yay!


1) a) Big Bird came into being in 1969.

2) c) in a nest behind 123 Sesame Street

3) d) a camera-small Tv set up

4) b) remember when Tweety claimed in a commercial that he was related to Larry Bird?

5) c) Caroll Spinney

6) b) Sesame Workshop

7) d) 1954 in Washington DC ahere he had a short afternoon TV show.

8) b) The Jimmy Dean show

9) a) Rawlf the dog, a piano playing pooch.

10) d) 8′ 2″

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