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The following message was sent out by Congressman Loebsack for the Independence Day holiday. This is a message that is relevant every day of the year

Every year for the Fourth of July Iowans join family, friends, and neighbors to celebrate America’s birthday. The celebrations always include paying tribute to the principles upon which our country was founded, giving thanks to our troops, a good old fashioned parade, a hot grill, and fireworks. This year I’m also celebrating America’s independence by supporting the backbone of our economy. All this week, you are invited to celebrate Iowan and American ingenuity and work ethic by making the week of the Fourth of July “Buy American Week.”

I’m backing an initiative to make this week “Buy American Week” so that as we celebrate our nation’s birthday, we can also support Iowa manufacturers and producers who are building things right here in our communities. Over the past 10 years, the U.S. has lost over 5.1 million manufacturing jobs. In Iowa alone, 21,000 manufacturing jobs and over 700 manufacturing companies were lost between 1994 and 2011. We can’t afford to further endanger our manufacturing industry and its workers. These good-paying jobs are critical to Iowa families and our communities. By committing to buying American made products this week, we’re supporting our homegrown Iowa workers and industries and not continuing to send good-paying Iowa jobs overseas.

I am home working every weekend in Iowa and have visited many Iowa manufacturers on my travels throughout Southeast Iowa. I am continually impressed with the hard work, dedication, and innovation of Iowa businesses, and firmly believe that Iowa workers make the best products in the world. I hope you will join me this week in celebrating our Independence Day through “Buy American Week”. Committing to buy American made products will help create Iowa jobs and demonstrate Iowa’s manufacturing competitiveness throughout the world.


Dave Loebsack

Iowa’s Second District

About Dave Bradley

retired in West Liberty
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