John Archer Makes A BS Commercial

Last week Republican John Archer unveiled a commercial in his run for the Republican nomination to oppose Congressman Dave Loebsack in this fall’s election. As I had complained here before, most of what Republicans are doing right now is feeding the lies that are their talking points to their base – the very extreme right that will be voting in their primary. John Archer keeps the streak alive

Archer grabs the rising price of gas that is slowly putting the brakes on a nicely developing recovery from the second worst financial crisis in our history. Archer of course blames the President, a very simplistic, unresearched and untrue statement. And he then of course ties Mr. Loebsack in as what seems to be a co-conspirator in a dastardly plot to stop the recovery and yet again make life miserable for the poor and middle class.

Seriously, Mr. Archer. You are showing that commercial to Iowans. Iowans have the best education system and some of the smartest people in the world. And most of us are close enough to the farm that we can recognize a pile of manure when we smell it. And we smell it big time.

Not only does Archer stink the joint up with those claims, but he also shows his incredible ignorance of  just how the system works and what is the true cause behind the unwelcome rise in prices. Chris Hayes did a great job on his UP! with Chris Hayes program last Saturday. It is in two segments   here  and continued here

Short version: The Republican House stopping implementation of the Dodd-Frank bill and the abuse of speculators (plus the Republicans driving fear of oil shortage into the marketplace with talk of War with Iran) are almost fully to blame for the rising cost of gas. But the truth is not simplistic enough

So it looks like he is going to need some help telling the truth in this campaign. I am stepping up to help him. Here is a list of some things we can expect from Archer which will be lies:

– Obama ran up the debt. Well not all by himself. Surprisingly, Mr. Archer, the debt didn’t go to $14T on Jan. 20,2009. Nope, Reagan, Bush and Bush ran up nearly $12 + Trillion of that, with most of it by Bush the much lesser.

– Taxes on the rich will kill job creation. This is of course the trickle down theory. If the past 30 years have taught us nothing, it is that money concentrated in few hands is about the worst way an economy can be run. Economics for high-schoolers tells us that demand drives the economy. Demand happens when money is in many hands and each of those people have a little left to buy some extras. Even Reagan practiced that. It is in reality histories not written by hacks. Taxes on the rich will give us money that will be used to fix problems which will create jobs.

– Obama is not creating jobs. OOOOPS. Read some newspapers or magazines. While not on fire, jobs are coming back.  Much more could be done, but the damned Republicans are blocking every attempt to create jobs or policies that will bring jobs back into the US.

And now here are some things that we can expect Mr. Archer to do that he will not say a word about while campaigning. We know what he WILL do because this is what his party IS doing instead of actually trying to put Americans back to work. They sure don’t want anybody to know what they are doing because these actions are so unpopular, even their own spouses would not vote for them. If John Archer were elected he would do the following:

– Work and vote for the end of Medicare. Probably by endorsing the Ryan budget or something similar that would slowly choke the system via vouchers or some other furtive method

– Work to privatize Social Security. Also to means test Social Security, which would turn SS into a form of welfare. SS would then be slowly eliminated like other welfare programs.

– Push for permanent war. War economies are a great way to move money from the government to a few fat cats. Just ask Dick Cheney.

– Help cut safety nets, and help cut money for education and any other so-called “social” programs.

– Continue the Republican war on women

I could list many others. Short version of this post: As the recent generation of Republican electeds has shown, they are more than willing to lie to get elected while never being truthful about what their real agenda is. It is a story that has been repeated around the country over and over.

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  1. Monte Asbury says:

    Meanwhile, we neglect to put the blame on Republicans when they earn it. I read this week that the biggest difference in the cost of public university education in inflation-adjusted dollars since 1974 is reduced public support. I think we should be sloganizing something like “If your kid can’t afford college, thank your Republican Congressman.”


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