The Republican War on Women, Workers, Unions, On and On

Seems like the airwaves were dominated by the Republican assault on American women’s right to control their own body. The week ended with the spiritual leader and still direction setter for the party declaring that if a woman uses birth control pills she is a “slut.” With that one statement Rush Limbaugh managed to insult most every woman in America.

The Republican party has revealed itself as the party that is only for the top 1% of Americans, and at that only the men in that group. As they slowly reveal, every other group must be divided off and controlled. It is hard for me to understand why members of any group that Republicans have publicly decried would ever vote for them – and let’s just list a few – gays, non-management workers, post office, teachers, anyone associated with a union, women, anyone on Social Security or Medicare, disabled, most non-whites (show your papers laws not aimed at whites), the unemployed, scientists, those who work with science, professors, non-Christians and a special hate atheists.

My question to anyone in any of those groups is this: Why would you ever vote for a Republican? If you can’t bring yourself to vote for a Democrat, at least be true to yourself then and don’t vote.

While watching one of the cable news programs
this week a thought crossed my mind – the primary season has shown that thanks to the Citizen’s United v. FEC, the election so far is less about ideas and mostly about which billionaire can spend the most money on his horse. Each of the remaining Republican candidates has a sugar daddy. In the case of Romney there are about 14. But it is obvious at this point that the election of the president may be more about which billionaire is willing to spend the largest amount of money to buy the office.

At the state level we have a similar situation where even a state representative run costs a hundred thousand or more. Thus elections are pretty much out of the reach of all but the rich.  It is as if what the revolution was fought for – overthrowing a hereditary ruling class – has been overturned by the Supreme Court.

One of the best understatements I ever heard – “Republicans being against sex is not good,” the G.O.P. strategist Alex Castellanos told me (Maureen Dowd) mournfully. “Sex is popular.”

Wyoming prepares for Doomsday….
At the end of last week a bill advanced in the Wyoming legislature to prepare the state for doomsday. Preparation includes creating their own money and building a navy. Why isn’t our legislature on top of things like this?

When you buy online……
Some of the hardest, most dehumanizing and lowest paying jobs in the US are in the warehouses for online merchants. The jobs are also often filled by “temps” which relieves the employer of things like medical benefits and dealing with unions. Third World conditions right here in the USA. Read the sad story of a fast growing segment of American industry here and consider where this country is headed.

“‘Oh, I’m not eating dinner because it’s my brother’s turn tonight. Tomorrow is my night.’”
Even sadder in America’s slide downward into third-world status for some of its citizens is this story of how deep cuts in the so-called safety net are affecting the poor.  Better start building more prisons.

Why Santorum hates public schools.
I guess he figures that if they can turn out a screwed up human being like Rick Santorum, they can’t be trusted.

As ye sow, so shall ye reap.

Republicans criticize Limbaugh?
Don’t hold your breath. Dare they speak out against Limbaugh all he needs to do is tell his ditto-heads to make life miserable for whoever steps out of line and they will do so at the drop of a hat. Can you say “cowards?”

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