Sunday Funday – Native American history.

This is a set of questions I made up for a trivia contest a couple year ago. Americans lack of knowledge of the original natives is amazingly low.These questions just touch on a few highlights.

1) Native American population has been estimated at as much as 50 million prior to Europeans coming to North America. The Native American populations were soon decimated however. What was the major cause of this population decimation?

2) The French and Indian War that took place prior to our Revolution was really not a separate war but an extension of war between what two countries in Europe?

3) Who was the Native American leader that had the vision of defeating General George Armstrong Custer at the Battle of Little Big Horn and later was a major attraction in Buffalo Bill Cody’s Wild West Show?

4) The Apache tribes have provided us with two of the best known resistance leaders. Can you name one of them?

5) In war, being able to pass messages in code that is not easily broken can be the difference between success and failure. Many Native tribes have been used to do so in their own languages. In WWII one tribe was especially successful, so successful a movie was made of their heroism in WWII. What is that tribe?

6) December 29th, 1890 is a day that will live in infamy in Native American history. On that date a massacre of natives took place at what South Dakota location?

7) A monument to what Native American leader is in the process of being carved out a mountain in the Black hills of South Dakota?

8) The Trail of Tears removed various native tribes from what is now America’s deep south to what present day American state?

9) A Sauk and Fox tribal leader led resistance in the upper Midwest including present day Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin. He is memorialized by having counties, parks, colleges and even a hockey team bearing his name. Who is he?

10) In 1804 the Lewis and Clark expedition met with the Otoe tribe at a site overlooking the Missouri River. That site eventually grew into a major Iowa city named for that meeting. What is that city?

I plan to go into more depth on Native history and culture in the future. So we start at a high level today.


1) Diseases to which Natives had no resistance. Small pox was a particular problem.

2) France and England.

3) Sitting Bull

4) Geronimo or Cochise

5) Navajo (the movie was “Navajo Wind Talkers”)

6) Wounded Knee (creek)

7) Crazy Horse

8) Oklahoma

9) Black Hawk

10) Council Bluffs

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