Follow The Black Earth

Follow the Black Earth 

In the Buffalo Commons
west of East of Eden
East of Hundredth Meridian
In a Land Between Two Rivers
In the Middle Way
In the Upper Midwest
In the Upper Mississippi Watershed
Unfolding flowing rivers
Out of crevasses of the Craton
from melting Glaciers of Ice Age
Lay the Heartland
Rivers flowing out Streams of Compassion
of Loving Kindness
into DreamTime
Here in High HimalIowa
Our Bio~psychic Intuitive Song Sings
“Follow the Black Earth”
from Our Ancestors to Seventh Generation yet to Come
Comes Ancient~Future
Our Entrance INTO Ecological Age
Our Co~Creation
Our Re~Inhabitory Time
Into Ecozoic
If there is a bible belt
It IS the Sacrament of Soil
It is Song of our Earth Soul
Good Earth
Good Soul
Follow the Black Earth
is the Scripture written
Our Heart
Our Heart Song
Good Earth Song
Flowing Out
from Our Hearts
Filling Up
the Divine Symphony
of InterBeing
In Many Compositions
of Soil
Earth Soul
Making Up the Heartland
Follow the Black Earth
this Earth matter
It is Mother Earth
Singing Our Heartland
Earth Soul
Back to Us
Follow the Black Earth
There is the Earth element which is Home
There is the Wind element which is Power
There is the Water element which is Life
There is the Solar element which is Fire
There is the Aether element which is Desire
All this is Love
with Equality of Interdependence
We have Love, Power
and Justice
which is True Peace
a Truly LIVING
Peace Land
Follow the Black Earth
this is the only
Earth that Matters
This is the Earth Matter
of All that IS
Earth Community
Common Unity
Our Communion
Verite Verdant Vriditas
of Our Livingry Life Commons
of All that There Is
Holy the Firm
This Holyest Earth
Welcome to Iowa
Welcome to Our Journey Into 2012
from Friendly Folk
from Iowa Folk
from Good Earth Folk
some knowingly
most unknowingly
Following the Black Earth
WelcOMe hOMe

PS Good News!
if you aint from Iowa
and its in your Heart
you’re a part of it too

John Shumaker
Somewhere Sunday
West of east of eden
Following the Black Earth

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