If You Do The Math – Republicans Don’t Add Up.

Unless you have been living in a hole for the past 3 years, one thing should be pretty apparent – the Republican Party has become a wholly owned subsidiary of the wealthiest one tenth of one percent in this country. Stated in raw numbers that means that the Republican Party is beholden to the richest 300,000.

If you look at the US congress, that means that with 242 Republicans in the House and 47 in the Senate the richest 300,000 have close to 300 congress critters ready, willing and able to do their bidding. Throw in a few blue-dog Democrats and the ratio is easily one representative for every 1,000 rich folks. The rest of us have to contend with about one representative for every 3 million of so of us.

Actually it is even more lopsided than that. Some 400 families have more wealth than the lowest 50% (@100,000,000 families) and the Walton family alone has more wealth than the lowest 30% of American families.

Since our political system is based on money raising and the cost of even a simple state legislative seat can be astronomical, let alone a congressional seat, where does that leave the politicians but to go where the money is? But of course, one does not become rich by giving money away. Investing makes one rich. Therefore money given to candidates is “invested” and as such is expected to reap a return. As the history of the US since Ronald Reagan’s presidency we note that the rich have been doing quite well. At the same time those who have invested little – wage workers – have done poorly.

This makes me wonder over and over why anyone outside that little bubble of wealth – let’s go all the way down to the top 1% or 3,000,000 people -would vote for a Republican. Certainly they can easily see that policies have been loaded to favor one segment and one segment of society only and that is the rich and their corporations. Even if the next 4% joined them that is still 15,000,000 tops. Even if we went to the top 10% that is 30,000,000 total. Some of them would be below the age to vote so let’s just estimate that there would be 25,000,000 votes in there.

Why would anyone else vote for Republicans when their policies are clearly not only for one segment, but often seek to punish lower strata simply for their lack of wealth? This is a question that simply bugs me no end.

– Why would a teacher, any teacher ever vote for a Republican? Their policies have been overtly anti-teacher, especially public school teacher since I can remember.

– I often wonder why a farmer would ever vote for a Republican. Sure taxes may be lower up front, but the cost of that one plus in so many other farm expenses and other costs of doing business that the whole economic outlook for farmers is usually much, much better under democrats.

– Why ever would a small business person vote for a Republican. Republican policies are built for the major, multi-national corporation and also built for them to swallow up or drive out competition. that competition is usually that very same small businessman. If you doubt that, look back about 50 years and tell me how many local retailers are still in business?

– Why would the very religious vote for Republicans? They would thrive best in an atmosphere of religious freedom. What the Republican Party offers them is only a narrow window of acceptable beliefs. And for most there are now forced to accept certain tenets of the Republican Party which appear to be the antithesis of Christianity.

– and why oh why would any person working for a wage ever vote for a Republican? Republican policy has always been anti-worker. Republicans seek not only to shackle the worker, but to punish them for not being one of them. Why a worker would vote for someone who will do everything he can to lower his wage, take away benefits and make life much harder is beyond me. Perhaps they believe that voting Republican will somehow get them to heaven. I simply can’t think of another reason why a worker would vote for a party whose mission is to destroy them.

– Finally, why ever would anyone over 60 vote for a Republican unless they are part of the very rich. I am old enough to remember the very tail end of a time when Social Security provided little and Medicare did not exist. Believe me when I say that life for the elderly was really bad. Why would anyone vote for a party whose mission is to destroy the very programs that have given the elderly dignity in later life?

I do know one other thing. That among those richest of the rich, they also control most of the media in this country. And making sure that the American voter is poorly informed at best and totally confused at worst is their current goal. They are doing a great job of hitting that goal, by the way. Well informed voters would not be so indecisive were they to truly see what policies their votes were turning into.

And that is Scott Walker’s problem in Wisconsin. He was unable to hide what he was doing and why behind a barrage of misleading media.

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