Incompetence And 9/11

This week I will forego the normal Sunday Funday post. The anniversary of the only attack on the American mainland seems hardly the time for game playing. Things will be back to normal next week.

There is an aspect to 9/11 that seldom gets discussed, especially on the anniversary itself. That is the fact that despite many warnings coming from within our government and sources outside, those in charge appear to have chosen to ignore them all.

While no one could ever keep the United States perfectly safe, there is an expectation that those who wield the reins of power should take all threats with some seriousness. As the 9/11 hearings – or at least those that the public were allowed to hear – made it abundantly clear that there were warnings that were not acted on.

This incompetence raised its ugly head again when Katrina hit New Orleans. Despite nearly a full week of warning FEMA – the government’s response team – was in no way ready to respond when the time came. With the agency headed by a political hack who had no business anywhere near an agency like FEMA. Who can ever forget “Heckuva job, Brownie.”

Whether driven by ideology or just plain stupid, incompetence like this has no place in leadership. Yet, we see it once again in Republican leadership’s response to this years outbreak of incredible weather phenomena. Eric Cantor has tried to place himself squarely in the path of aid going to those whose lives have been decimated by the likes of a tornado in Joplin, Missouri and the one-two punch of Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee on the east coast. Cantor – in an incredibly incompetent and arrogant move acted to deny aid unless the moneys spent were offset.

Were that the only recent act of Republican incompetence. Texas Governor Rick Perry cut the budget for the states volunteer fire departments by an incredible 75% despite possibly the worst fire season ever in Texas and possibly the United States. This is hardly the only area where Perry demonstrates incompetence. Does America deserve another big talking, totally incompetent president?

Perry is hardly the only republican presidential candidate that exudes incompetence. Mitt Romney can’t seem to make a decision on anything. In a country being held hostage by the Republican congress trying to kill any jobs for Americans, Romney comes from a background of buying businesses, stripping all the value out of them and starving the employees. I am sure he would not have a clue how to deal a with real economy.

We can go on down the list. Bachmann, Paul, Gingerich, Santorum, Caine are all driven by ideology – the same ideology that has been so successful in Iraq and in shaping our current economy.

Barack Obama has demonstrated a cool competence. In comparison to what the Republican record is and what their future portends, Obama is truly the only choice for anyone who really cares about America’s survival.

Just to remind you where this country was about 10 years and 9 months ago, The CBO had calculated that in 10 years, this country would be out of debt – OUT OF DEBT! – had the trajectory at the time been maintained. That despite huge deficits that had been run up under Reagan and Bush 1. Thanks to the incredible incompetence in every area of administration, Obama inherited a country divided, deeply in debt and full of incompetents.

If Obama is not re-elected, you can be assured we will immediately return to those days. Bush, Bush and Reagan have left a clear example of what Republicans do when they have power. They screw things up royally.

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