Help President Obama Save The Country

Help President Obama Save The Country

by Trish Nelson

“Americans may have voted for a divided government but they didn't vote for a dysfunctional government.” – President Obama in his address to the nation Monday

Some on the left are mad at President Obama because they think he's not handling the Republicans deftly enough.  I don't feel that way.  It seems to me that if some person or group simply doesn't want to negotiate or cooperate, no strategy exists that can convince them to be reasonable. The GOP have tons of money and power and a singular goal of hurting Obama politically, no matter what the consequences are to the country apparently, so how do you work with that?  If there was a way to deal effectively with the GOP, the smartest person in the room, our president, would find it.

So what's to be done? How do we as a country deal with the dysfunctional GOP?

Contrary to the popular belief that it always takes two people to ruin a relationship, the fact is that it really only takes one. It takes two to make a relationship work. It only takes one to make a relationship not work.

So with that dynamic in mind, the one that's causing all the problems needs to change and it seems logical that what we need is for someone to do an intervention on the GOP. Yes, the same kind of intervention that friends and family members do for an alcoholic loved one that needs to go to rehab. Responsible moderate Republicans need to risk their relationship with the dysfunctional members of their party, take matters into their own hands and confront their fellow Republicans' out-of-control behavior for the good of all concerned.

After all, why should everything be up to Obama to fix?  We're all in this together. 

Moderate Republicans if they even exist, seem to be hiding in the shadows right now.  But if the GOP is going to get its act together, some grown-ups within the party are going to have to do an intervention on the rest of them. As in real life, nobody wants to do it and odds are it won't work. But it's the last thing left to try.

Anyway, back to what can Obama do?  I found this today on a Wapo blog:

“The bottom line has always been that Republicans refuse to vote for an increase, and they have the votes to make that stick, at least barring the Constitutional and political uncertainties of invoking the 14th amendment or some other similar White House action. So when people say that Obama shouldn’t negotiate, or shouldn’t try to cut an ambitious deal, the question remains: What would have been his Plan B?

Remember, House Republicans refuse to pass a simple debt limit increase. They don’t want to cut a deal with Democrats in general and Barack Obama in particular. Andrew Sullivan says “it’s performance art, not politics.” How do you negotiate with performance art? Especially when you really need to, because you really need to get the deal done?

While I agree with those who say that it was foolish of Obama and Democrats in the 111th Congress to allow this fight in the first place, I also put relatively little stock in this argument. If the fight wasn’t now over the debt limit, it would have happened in the fall over 2012 spending bills, with more or less the same dynamic.

The idea that there was some obvious way for Democrats to deal with this situation strikes me as naïve. This isn’t about poor bargaining or fecklessness by the Democrats. It’s about dealing with the consequences of the fact that Americans elected to Congress a whole bunch of people who are either trying to impose fringe policy views despite apparently having no understanding whatsoever of their consequences — or are so driven by opposition to the president that their highest priority is opposing him, regardless of those consequences.”

I found this on another blog  The blogger makes some excellent points:

“I think that anyone who holds the opinion that Obama can function, and operate effectively and independently with a legislative branch who largely have ties on wall street and corporate america is out to lunch.. No president can do this.. It is unrealistic to think that Obama can function purely on ideals and principles without addressing the interests of those people who hold power in Washington.. I know it sounds ridiculous, but the people you elected do not represent your best interests. Obama is at least trying to get something out of a senate made up of a party that would rather default, and not cooperate with Obama to make him look bad rather than act purely on the benefits and welfare of the people they are supposed to represent.. “

the co-dependent spouse of an alcoholic, who actually has the option of
leaving the relationship, President Obama can't simply divorce the
Republicans and move on. 

So what can each of us do to help Obama save the country?  You heard him.  Contact congress!

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