An Open Letter To Senator Grassley On The Debt Ceiling Crisis

An Open Letter To Senator Grassley On The Debt Ceiling Crisis

By Dave Bradley

Senator Grassley,

We are sitting here in shock as we watch the Republican Party do something which no other power in the world has ever been able to do – they are about to bring the United States government to a standstill.

Like many other Iowans, this standstill will affect us greatly – we may see social security checks stopped (my wife is disabled), we may well see our savings once more take a giant hit thanks to the Republican Party. I am sure we are not alone. And once more, just like in 2008 the reason is the total incompetence of Republican leadership and the rigidness of a philosophy that only has concern for the top 1% wealthy Americans.

What is most galling is that your party claims to be the Party of fiscal responsibility and also the Party that respects the Constitution . Yet you have created a crisis where there is none simply because your Party refuses to do the most basic function of government – pay its bills. Paying bills already accrued is the most basic fiscal act for any fiscally sound entity. And the 14th Amendment makes it unconstitutional for the US government NOT to pay its bills

Senator, you have always billed yourself as a fiscal conservative. Yet your silence on this issue belies that. Your hypocrisy stinks up Iowa.

Your Party is working hard to make sure that the cost of this fake crisis will be borne by the poor, the elderly and others who do not have the money to fill your campaign coffers. And while the burden of this outrage is borne by those who have little, those who are your donors will once more be given a pass on sharing in their true cost of government.

So your loyalty is to the wealthy, your party and some guy named Grover Norquist. Who is Grover Norquist, Senator? And why does he have more power over the Republican Party than the Constitution itself? He has never been elected to anything, yet today he is more powerful than any other elected official. By dint of their allegiance to Norquist the Republican Party is bringing the United States government to its knees.

At some point you will have to come back and face the voters of Iowa. You should expect them to be quite angry. Angry that you sat by and did nothing while their Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and savings hung in the balance and the good credit of the United States gets trashed, even though you are one of the most senior legislators in the country.

This will have a profound effect on our children’s and grandchildren’s future. And you did nothing!

I can only hope that your farm subsidy check doesn’t come this month. Maybe that will give you a slight tinge of the real pain your Party plans to inflict on the citizens of this country that you show such scorn for.

One last thing. Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are not ‘entitlements.’ This juvenile belittlement by snarky right wingers is getting old. Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid are INSURANCE programs. I believe that you understand the concept of insurance programs. Many of your donors own insurance companies. You would not denigrate them with belittling words.

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