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Iowa Progressive Radio:  This Week On The Fallon Forum

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Dear Friends,

Dear Friends,

I don't know why Bradshaw feels he needs or deserves a vacation, but I'm filling in for him Wednesday – Friday. In other words, you'll have 13 hours of opportunity to call and tangle with me on the air this week. And I hope you do, because the more of you who call the less I have to hear from Frank. (Yeah, Frank, I'm talking about YOU, buddy, the Darth Vader of local talk radio.)

Monday at 7:00 pm, Matthew Convington with Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement (Iowa CCI) talks about the battle to save Social Security. On the related federal budgetary concern of health care, I'm intrigued by an idea proposed by Dean Baker of the Center for Economic and Policy Research: allow people to use vouchers to secure the best health care for them and their families. If folks don't like – or can't afford – U.S. health care, then let them buy into the Canadian, British, German or Cuban systems. Any lover of the free market, any advocate of school vouchers, should love this idea, right?

Tuesday at 7:00 pm, Larry Weber joins me to talk about the work of the Iowa Flood Center. Who's to blame for all the recent flooding? Farmers? Army Corps of Engineers? Developers? Wal-mart? Climate change? All of the above? And there's the broader issue of how we balance urban mitigation (i.e., levees, flood walls, etc.) with the need for watershed scale, non-structural solutions.

Wednesday at 1:00, Dr. Stephen Goldman talks about his work on the psychological impact of war. Steve's done yeoman's research on this subject, including studies about the American Civil War, where he found that “the experience of battle and its effects on the combatant remain strikingly similar today as they did 150 years ago,” to quote an article published in response to a lecture Steve delivered earlier this year.

Wednesday at 2:00, Des Moines entrepreneur and former Norwalk city councilman Alexander Grgurich joins us for a conversation about the continued renaissance of downtown Des Moines, and what young Iowans are doing on the cutting edge of economic and cultural innovation.

Wednesday at 3:00, John Miano with the Center for Immigration Studies talks about how lobbyists write much of the federal legislation that Congress takes seriously. “That's why we get these thousand page monstrosities,” wrote John to me last week.

Wednesday at 7:00 pm, Charles Goldman, Jeffrey Weiss, Slacker Jack and I open round two of The Penis Dialogues, taking a look at the Iowa Family Leader's “Marriage Vow” and the national controversy that's generated.

Thursday at 1:00, activist, union leader, author, eater of animals, and all-around crazy man Buzz Malone joins me. Again. Yes, I just can't seem to convince this guy to get a real job. Maybe you can help me talk him into it. Or maybe it's just that no one will hire him.

Thursday at 2:00, Dan Umthun and Joel Fry talk about the “Underground Comedy at the Bricks” contest this Friday. I'm supposed to be one of the judges, but being an observer of the Iowa Legislature and the U.S. Congress, I'm confused about what's funny and what's dead serious. Maybe these guys can help me sort it out.

Thursday at 3:00, WOW call screener and Obama for America volunteer Sophia Douglas and I talk about President Obama's track record. She's a fan and I'm . . . well, I'm . . . you should really call in and help Sophia convince me to keep that hope and change spark burning.

Thursday at 7:00 pm, State Rep Dan Kelley (D-Newton) is my guest for a wide-open conversation about the recently concluded session of the Iowa Legislature.

Friday at 1:00, Iowa CCI's Natalie Snyders discusses the latest developments in the battle to reassert citizen control over the siting of corporate factory farms. And we'll get the lowdown on a recent victory in southwest Iowa.

Friday at 2:00, political blogger Dustin Krutsinger proposes we all become Republicans for a day. If he's got Iowa Caucus Day, 2012, in mind, then we might be on the same page.

Friday at 3:00, Nathaniel Baer with the Iowa Environmental Council and I discuss climate change. And to celebrate this week's wonderful heat and humidity, Nathaniel and I will be biking back to Des Moines from the station after the show. Search and rescue missions are advised to look for our bodies somewhere along the 11-mile route.

So, tune in at 98.3 WOW-FM and online. You can download the Fallon Forum as a podcast, too. Thanks!


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