How The Koch Brothers Control The Media And Influence Public Policy

How The Koch Brothers Control The Media And Influence Public Policy

by Dave Bradley

Koch Brothers redux.

Bernie Sanders has an incredible video exposing the Koch Brothers and their reach and strategy. Their strategy is to control the message on many issues, making their slant the basis for the discussion of whatever issue they are attacking.

In the case of Social Security they spread big bucks around to buy the allegiance of a variety of outlets to their message. From the think tanks that develop the wording to push the Kochs’ vision to the politicians they purchase to develop the legislation to the pathetic media that roll over and present their agenda as the only way to go, the Kochs control the process with strategic application of money.

Of course Social Security is not the only issue they are attacking. And the Kochs are not the only filthy rich beyond imagination people that are using their wealth to build a utopia for the filthy rich.

I am having a visceral reaction to wealthy people using their money to step on the lower classes and to buy lackeys who will twist our government to engorge their fantasies.

My guess it is the same reaction that a Sam Adams or a Ben Franklin would have were they to come back and encounter our current situation. It is not much different than when they encountered an autocratic ruler in Britain and were forced to pay taxes for which they had little or no representation.

To do list (it is mostly easy):

    View this short video and pass it on: 
Bernie Sanders Video Exposing Koch Bros

    Boycott Koch industry products. Encourage your friends and family to do so also
    Write letters to the editor exposing the Kochs (and others)

    Support people like Senator Sanders who is willing to stand up to the moneyed interests.

Keep fighting!

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Dave Bradley is a self-described
retired observer of American politics “trying to figure out how we got
so screwed up.” 
Iowa City native currently living in West Liberty, Dave and his wife
Carol have two grown children who “sadly had to leave the state to find
decent paying jobs.

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