Bob Vander Plaats: Anti-Civil Rights Hate Mongering

[by David Van Thournout]

Civil rights are something that we have to pay for with blood, sweat and tears. And fear based hate speech is something we not only have to listen to, but respond passionately and articulately to. We cannot let our government’s policies, constructed by the people to ensure the common good, to dispense hate and lies via constitutional amendment. If we did, it wouldn’t be the Iowa I know and love.

But that is just what Bob Vander Plaats wants. Hate and lies masquerading as legislation.

There is always a civil rights battle being waged. Slavery, Jim Crow, heterosexism, the war on drugs, all of these are rooted in intolerance. It is fear based politics.

Iowa is being inundated with money and hate leading up to the 2012 elections. As an organizer I understand how this works. The more time on the ground with your message, the more likely you will win the election. Over the course of the next couple of years Iowa will be flooded with insane amounts of (Koch brother) money spent lying about everything from gay rights to global warming and beyond. This isn’t just about unseating Obama (though that is part of their agenda), it’s also about health care, liberals in general, tolerance and most currently equality for the LGBT community (and of course anything else good that I left out).

It’s All About Equality

Lets think about that for a moment. What in this word is so hard for people that claim to be Christians to understand? Who do they think has any more right to be home to dinner with their family? Who is born into this world illegally, in gods eyes? Not that I’m a believer, I’m an atheist. But still, I’ve been steeped in religious culture and I know there is a great lie going on when people that profess to be followers of Jesus (love your enemy anyone?) spew hateful rhetoric about how gay people are less than human, are killing themselves and us, are perverts, are curable, or the best one, that gays are why god is going to destroy the world.

After considering this for many years, I’ve come to the conclusion that the only real fight is the fight for equality. It lies at the root of every important social issue. Hunger, poverty, education, jobs, women’s rights, the environment, gay rights, prohibition (you name it), I believe they’re all rooted in in-equality (or keeping us un-equal).

Bob and the others drumming up the hate for the 2012 elections have recently re-branded themselves as a “family” advocacy group called (of all things) The Family Leader…If you ask me, Bob protests too loudly. I don’t think he trusts himself to live in a society that is tolerant of each others differences. He’s certainly not ready for my dream world where we actually work in loving cooperation with each other to help each other realize our collective visions. Too bad, It’s a nice vision.

Instead, Vander Plaats starts his 99-county tour of Iowa in Leon and spoke to half a dozen people there about various and sundry flavors of hate to carry us through to 2012. Impeach the judges that “forced” equality upon Iowans he says in so many words.

We liberals and supporters of equality need to be active in this conversation starting right now.  We need an organization that dogs every step The Family Leader takes on its campaign to make the LGBT community into second class citizens.

Where I got my information:

Jeremey Hooper of has assembled a movie that explains these people very well.

Iowa group stooping to junk science and hate groups to smear lgbts

Vander Plaats seeks support for family advocacy group – Newton Daily News

Bob kicks off the hate campaign – Des Moines Register

(click here to read the entire article)

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2 Responses to Bob Vander Plaats: Anti-Civil Rights Hate Mongering

  1. Anonymous says:

    All gay people deserve civil rights. But are you referring to marriage? I get the impression it's marriage that the other side doesn't want. Most make a distinction between civil rights and marriage. It's the marriage issue that is their sore point. I think you are unjustly throwing all persons – the homophobes and the persons who only want 1/man – 1/woman marriage in one group, and that's not right.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Peprclip-sorry, the religious right doesnt own the word mariage-we want it and we will take it
    Marriage, as any educated person knows, was mde for inhertiance reasons, predating the bible. Then women were property, then one man, many women..
    The modern concept of romantic love in man-woman marriage has only existed for 200 years.
    Marriage evolves, like mankind does-only a few years ago, interracial marriage would still be illegal in the south if voted on by the majority.
    We demand full equality and that means we want marriage
    We cannot be stopped by religious bigots-and yes, they are bigots-they see gay unions as less than straight ones-teh very def of bigotry


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