Obama Plays It Cool, American Left Contemplates Suicide

[by David Van Thournout]

I think that if President Obama wants to try and use tax cuts to win hearts and minds out there it has some traction. I’m not entirely convinced but I do believe having a black president is a new thing for America. I’m not at all surprised that it appears that our first black president does things differently; he is a shrewd negotiator and anyone that doesn’t understand that has not been paying attention.

If the left thinks that Obama has made a mistake, fine, but progressives will lose big in 2012 if we think we can field a democratic candidate that will win in a primary against Obama.

Just wanted to clarify that point. So let’s just put this talk of lefty suicide in 2012 all the way to rest. Sorry, politics is the art of the possible. And we need unity going all the way out to 2012. So even though I’m not happy at all about various details of the Obama Administration, I like to do a little thought experiment to make sure I and all American progressives are awake… Imagine you’re only a heart beat away from having Sarah Palin as your president… Now imagine it’s 2012 and we’ve cratered our own support for Obama who was certainly able to win against Palin but because we attempted to “keep Obama’s feet to the fire” by running an alternative in the Democratic primary… After the massive sucking sound from the siphoning of Obama votes, we wake up on the Wednesday following the election with not vice president Palin but President Palin….

Because that thought experiment was so damn scary, I highly recommend understanding that President Obama is smarter than we think. I’m convinced that We needed to hear from Bernie Sanders about how bad these tax cuts really are and the fact that on capitol hill they’re “all worried about the deficit” but not enough to stop giving rich people free money they don’t even need.

I will vote for President Obama in 2012 and that is 99.9% certain. The only way I won’t vote for Obama is if I am completely incapacitated for an entire month prior to the election. I would have to be in a coma, if I’m laying on my death bed I will have already voted early no doubt.

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