Bruce Braley Shares our Values




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Bruce Braley Shares our Values

imageBy Caroline Vernon

As you all know, election time is right around the corner, and once again, we will all make choices about who will best represent the people of Iowa.

I'm sure most of you will agree, this is a very critical time in our country.  We continue to see a shift in wealth with the top 2% of Americans already owning over 90% of all wealth while rising unemployment robs middle class families of the ability to meet basic needs, let alone plan for the future.  The future for many of us has become quite uncertain.  Meanwhile the “the party of NO” with incredulous audacity, willfully blocks the extension of unemployment benefits to Americans who are struggling to feed their families while fighting for extending the tax cuts for the predator class at the top of the food chain – the richest 2%.  We hear the argument that they are the ones who will create jobs in this country, which begs the question, why haven't they?  They already have all the money… where are the jobs???  This shift in wealth just didn't happen overnight.

After the SCOTUS ruling on the Citizens United case, corporate America has been given the green light to flood our political process with unfettered amounts of money, further eroding the integrity of our elections. We are literally fighting for our democracy.  This is why we need someone in the halls of Congress who is not afraid to stand up to these entrenched special interests and fight for the common people of this country (the other 95%).  That someone is Representative Bruce Braley.  Bruce continues to demonstrate he is not afraid to tackle the tough issues head on, speak truth to power, build coalitions to find common ground, and offer creative solutions to the many difficult issues we face today.

Bruce has been fighting to introduce legislation to help our veterans and troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, fighting to boost investment in Iowa's clean energy economy and working to create more opportunity for Iowa's families and small businesses. In March of 2010, President Obama signed into law a tax cut Bruce introduced to encourage small businesses to create jobs and hire previously unemployed workers.

Bruce fought the Pentagon bureaucracy when nearly 600 Iowa National Guard soldiers returning home from Iraq were denied full GI Bill education benefits. He took on the Pentagon again when more than 700 Iowa National Guards were denied their Respite Leave benefits, introducing legislation that resulted in thousands of National Guard troops across the country receiving the benefits they had earned.

To increase transparency and make government more accountable, Bruce introduced and passed legislation to simplify government forms like tax returns and benefit applications.

Currently, Bruce sits on the powerful House Energy and Commerce Committee. As Vice-Chairman of the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, Bruce works to hold corporations accountable and protect families from unsafe food and drugs and defective products.

This past summer, Bruce took on BP CEO Tony Hayward exposing their “willful” safety violations as a matter of policy.  You can watch the exchange here:

In short, Congressman Bruce Braley shares our Iowa values.  I am proud to call him my congressman.  If you live in the 1st district of Iowa, please cast your vote for Bruce and send him back to Washington to do the people's business. We need him.

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