Fairfield, Iowa Mayor Shaking Things Up (In A Good Way)

[by Democrablog]

Top 20 Small Town Mayors Shaking Things Up (In a Good Way)

“If you live in a small town, then you may know your mayor personally. While we don’t know the following mayors personally (most of whom are elected, not public administrators), we chose these individuals as the top 20 small town mayors because they seem to be shaking up their towns in a good way with more jobs, better infrastructure and/or a positive interactive government.

This list is not, by far, the total account of top small-town mayors in this country. It is a broad representation from across twenty random states. The mayors are listed in order of town size, which is noted in parenthesis after each mayor’s name.  [click here for the complete list]

#14. Ed Malloy (9,509) is mayor of Fairfield, Iowa, named by Mother Earth News as one of the
12 Great Places You’ve Never Heard Of.
   Fairfield hosts an Eco-Fair every year, and has the most homes with solar energy or other green building features in Iowa. The county has the most acres of organic cultivation in the state and many small businesses thrive here.”

In 2006 Fairfield was voted one of Iowa’s Great Places.  In 2003 they were named “The Most Entrepreneurial Community in America (10,000 population and under)” by the National Association of Small Communities and in 2004, “Iowa’s Most Entrepreneurial Community.”

Mayor Malloy:

Fairfield is a community of people who share a deep sense of pride in our past, the traditions that sustain us, and the activities that create our future. We are in many ways an over achieving bunch, who consider ourselves fortunate to have such a rich community to build upon…We value good government, good schools and educational opportunities, healthy living, recreation, arts and culture.”

Blog for Iowa congratulates Mayor Ed Malloy and the Fairfield community on their progressive achievements.

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