Iowa Energy Expo

 Iowa Energy Expo

By Cliff Day

The 15th annual Energy Expo will be held this weekend, September 9 & 10, at Solon High School in Solon, Iowa.  The theme for this year’s Energy Expo is “Energizing Iowa’s Communities”.  An admission fee of $5.00 will be charged for individuals, or $10.00 for a family.  A complete eight page guide to the Energy Expo workshops and speakers is provided for downloading and printing at:
The guide is comprehensive and includes a workshop schedule grid and driving map (Solon is located approximately 10 miles north of Iowa City on Highway 1.)  For additional information, visit the Iowa Renewable Energy Association web site: or call (319) 341-4372. 

OK, so why should you consider attending Energy Expo this weekend? 

Well, if you’re thinking about making your residence more energy efficient, or planning a major remodeling effort, or anticipating building or buying a new home—you may find workshops such as “Energy Rehab for Existing Homes”,  “How to Build an Energy Efficient Home”, “Buy an Energy Efficient Home”, “Passive Solar Home Design”, and several others to be well worth your time.  You can expect to hear some ideas that will save you big bucks as you plan and build your project.
If you’re interested in learning the basics of alternative energy and energy conservation technologies—you may find “Overview of Geo Exchange (Geothermal) Technology”, “Basics of Putting up a Wind Turbine”,  and “Introduction to Photovoltaics”, “Making Your Own Biodiesel” and several other introductory workshops helpful.
Finally, if you’re interested in the controversial energy policy issues that vex the Midwest and the nation—you may want to take in the presentations “Our Energy Future Isn't What It Used to Be”, “Future of Renewable Fuels in Iowa” and “Can We Power Iowa with 100% Renewables?”
There will also be numerous vendors in attendance, an abundance of displays, and programs specifically intended for children.
I'll look forward to seeing you at Energy Expo!

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