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Gulf of Tonkin Anniversary In Iowa

IOWA CITY— My skills at ordering a beer failed to keep up with the times. We were meeting at a bar in the county seat, one recognizable from infrequent visits for meetups over 40 years. I arrived first and took … Continue reading

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Iowa Marks 100 Years Since WWI

Two Ignominious Anniversaries This summer we have to decide how to digest two anniversaries; July 28, which marks 100 years since the beginning of WWI in 1914; and, Aug. 7, which marks 50 years since Congress approved the Gulf of … Continue reading

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Veterans Administration Is Not The Problem

“One out of every ten veterans alive today was seriously injured at some point while serving in the military, and three-quarters of those injuries occurred in combat,” according to a 2011 Pew Research survey of veterans. “For many of these … Continue reading

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Iowa's Carnival Of Militarism

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Steve Hanken wrote this letter to the editor in anticipation of the Great Jones County Fair where along with swine, poultry and cattle shows, a tractor pull, harness racing, 4-H presentations, a demolition derby and grandstand performances by … Continue reading

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Happy Fourth Of July Vets

Congress aims to privatize the VA By Buzz Davis We have over 21 million veterans in America.  We did our service during war and peace.  For those of us who were fortunate to live through our service, many of us … Continue reading

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The Problem Is A Decade Of War

General Shinseki’s Resignation Will Solve Nothing SAINT LOUIS, Mo.– General Eric Shinseki has resigned his position as secretary of the Veterans Administration (VA). Now what? When will we start the real debate the nation must have about turning away from … Continue reading

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Armistice Day In Iowa City

The Armistice Day event today in Iowa City drew a nice size crowd of about 50-60 by my count.  There were speeches, bell ringing, a moment of silence and Taps.  Ed Flaherty said, “as you leave here today, please spread … Continue reading

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Armistice Day Event To Remember Veterans and Civilians

Armistice Day is a day to promote peace and to remember the victims of war, both veterans and civilians. Veterans For Peace Chapter #161 is sponsoring an Armistice Day Observance to be held on Monday, November 11th at the Clinton … Continue reading

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An Iowa View of Syria

(UPDATE: Sept. 4, 2013, 3:30 p.m. CDT: A new report from Russia, including a 100-page United Nations report on the chemical attack at Aleppo, Syria, indicates non-standard Syrian chemical weapons used in attack. Russian analysis suggests Syrian rebels may have … Continue reading

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Don’t Bomb Syria

Peace activist and veteran Ed Flaherty at the IC Fed Labor Day Picnic.  VFP 161 Iowa Veterans for Peace

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