Fair Booth Workers To Receive Non-violence Training

PEACE Iowa Gandhi QuoteIt’s a sad state of affairs when non-profits feel they must take non-violence training in preparation to staff a booth at the Johnson County Fair.

PEACE Iowa, Veterans for Peace, 100Grannies for a Livable Future and Iowa Physicians for Social Responsibility have engaged in some heated discussions while at the annual agricultural fair at the county fairgrounds. They will be back again, July 27-30, and this time they will be prepared.

Workshops on Non-violence

Two free trainings on non-violent conflict resolution will be held on Wednesday, July 22, at the Schwab Auditorium at the Coralville Public Library by PEACE Iowa board member Miriam Timmer-Hackert and long-time non-violence trainer Annie Tucker. There are two separate sessions:

The first session is aimed towards volunteers working for the booth at the Johnson County Fair but is also open to the public. It is titled as “What to Do if People Yell at You” and will be held from noon to 1 p.m.

The second session is aimed towards those who have children or work with children, entitled “What to Do When Your Kids Yell at You” and will be from 1:15 – 2 p.m.

Parking is asked to be in the lower level of the parking lot which is closer to Schwab auditorium, and not in the first two rows on the upper level, please. A pizza lunch will be provided. Please RSVP to Miriam Timmer-Hackert by July 14: timmer.hackert@gmail.com or 319-331-8416.

~ Miriam Timmer-Hackert is a mediator and attorney and mother of two. Miriam volunteers with the Peace Education and Action Center of Eastern Iowa and Iowa Legal Aid.

~ Annie Tucker is a Mediator and the Director of Mediation Services of Eastern Iowa and mother of four. She trains volunteers with the Alternatives to Violence Project,  Restorative Justice Conferencing, and is involved with the Prairie Hill CoHousing Project.

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