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Feeding The World–Iowa-Style

Iowa Can’t Feed the World; Local Producers Can’t Either The frequent jeremiad of big agriculture is about propping them up so Iowa farmers can feed the world. Political speeches at the recent opening of a first of its kind biorational … Continue reading

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New Study on Bee Colony Collapse

A new study indicates that identifying and resolving the environmental issues surrounding bee colony collapse disorder in the United States is more complicated than banning a class of insecticides (neonicotinoids) as has been suggested in social media and elsewhere. What … Continue reading

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Toward an Iowa Local Food System

Writing about gardening, farm work, fermentation, soup-making, canning and cooking is personally satisfying, but what is the connection to our broader society? Why does one person’s journey in life with friends and family matter in the broader scope of things? … Continue reading

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Friday Food Talk: It’s Local, Sustainable And Delicious

by Martha Schut We spent a lovely afternoon a few days ago at Rapid Creek Ranch, owned by Doug and Pam Darrow and managed by their son Justin Wade. The farm sits on a beautiful 280 rolling acres just south … Continue reading

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