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Make America Think Again: How To Tame The Lizard Brain

Media Demagogues have Created a Monster: Can We Tame The Lizard Brain to Save Democracy? We’re living in an era where the public discourse is overrun by propaganda, inflammatory misinformation, and conspiracy theories. Armed with a deeper understanding of how … Continue reading

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How Does America Protect Itself From 24-7 Propaganda?

Dave Bradley’s civics quiz will be back next Sunday.  Happy Mother’s Day! Propaganda works.  CNN/WSJ poll:  Half of Fox viewers say the Mueller report cleared Donald Trump.  The average for people who watch any other media is 16-17%.  61% of … Continue reading

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Join The Fox Boycott

Tell Advertisers Drop Fox https://petitions.moveon.org/sign/tell-advertisers-drop Background Right now, companies that do business with Fox News are financially supporting bigotry, dangerous lies, and harmful conspiracy theories. Since the network is a propaganda operation, these companies are also financially supporting and enabling … Continue reading

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DNC Dumps Fox News

The Democratic National Committee has made two smart decisions recently that reflect that they are serious about winning in 2020.  One was putting Howard Dean in charge of their voter data sharing program. The other surprisingly bold decision made by … Continue reading

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Thinking of Running For Office? How To Tell Your Story And Get Elected

“America is currently experiencing a wave of far-right propaganda previously unimagined in our history.” “In order to connect with people we have to break down those barriers that separate us from them. “ There’s always something interesting on the Thom … Continue reading

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Sinclair Must-See Segments Intended To Create Fear And Influence Elections

Have you ever thought about what it would take to make you want to run out of the United States on foot to Canada taking nothing more than what you could carry?  And what if you had only flip flops … Continue reading

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Why You Must Never Retweet or Repeat Trump’s Gibberish

I am a big fan of George Lakoff.  We’ve been posting his work on BFIA for years.  I agree with everything he says about language. But having said that, I would like to add that I’ve noticed that he and … Continue reading

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Fake News Machine Ready To Defend Trump White House Against Mueller

https://www.exposedbycmd.org/2017/11/08/fake-news-machine-defend-trump-white-house-against-robert-mueller/ Follow the Data One year after the election, a few data points on the barrage of propaganda and disinformation utilized in the 2016 campaign is finally becoming available. According to an Oxford University study of Twitter traffic during the … Continue reading

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Trump Voters And The Democrats’ Dilemma

The question Democrats are struggling with in our new, surreal President (pussy-grabber-in-chief) Trump world comes down to, in its simplest form, should we (1) despise the Trump voters or (2) feel empathy for them? It is not merely a political … Continue reading

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How Things Got This Crazy: The Republican Long-Term Strategy Gone Wrong

It is time once again to revisit the Lewis Powell Memo, the founding document of the GOP’s 45 year old strategy to save capitalism.  We think you will be shocked and horrified by what this memorandum contains, as we were.  … Continue reading

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