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Thom Hartmann Warns Progressives

http://www.thomhartmann.com/ Watch this Thom Hartmann video.  Host of America’s #1 progressive radio show, Thom is a lefty progressive who agrees with Bernie Sanders more than he agrees with Hillary Clinton, but has something to say that progressives should probably heed.  … Continue reading

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Can Elizabeth Warren Do More Good In The Senate Than The White House?

“Elizabeth Warren is on the forefront of issues that are important to the working class..we’re running out of real leaders in Washington.”  

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Donald Kaul: No Difference Between Jeb And Dubya

http://otherwords.org/ Of Course Jeb Bush Would Have Invaded Iraq The former Florida governor gets too much credit for being smarter than his brother. By Donald Kaul Jeb Bush must have set some kind of record for political flip-flopping this month. … Continue reading

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Howard Dean Is Ready For Hillary

Howard Dean is campaigning for Hillary Clinton.  I find two things interesting about this:  (1) Apparently, Clinton wants Howard Dean’s support. Since Dean was transformed into a radical lefty unhinged monster by the media in 2004, and has been effectively … Continue reading

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