Thom Hartmann Warns Progressives

thom hartmann

Watch this Thom Hartmann video.  Host of America’s #1 progressive radio show, Thom is a lefty progressive who agrees with Bernie Sanders more than he agrees with Hillary Clinton, but has something to say that progressives should probably heed.  You can listen to Thom Hartmann’s radio program here.

“It’s unimaginable the damage a Republican presidency could do…I’m very concerned that a lot of progressives are beating up on Hillary Clinton…but wounding a cadidate with the base is a very dangerous business.”


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2 Responses to Thom Hartmann Warns Progressives

  1. Stan Goldfarb says:

    I love Bernie also, BUT he cannot win a national election. I think it’s great that he is bringing progressive ideals to the fore. However, since Hillary is the only candidate who CAN win the national, Bernie must, at some point, put his ego in mothballs and endorse her. Not just surrender, but wholeheartedly endorse her. Hillary, in order to make that happen, must accept and strongly support several of the policies Bernie is passionate about.
    What I fear most, is a repeat of the Nader fiasco.


  2. Bobby Brake says:

    Hey Stan,Nader ran as an Independent in the General. Bernie is running as a Democrat. He knows both of them in the general might just hand it to the Republicans.


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