Sunday Funday: Mother’s Day Edition

Who has better Mother’s Day comedy than SNL? (4 minutes):

Would love to say on this Mother’s Day that women’s rights are on an upswing in this country, but you and I both know that is far from the truth. A recent example I came across is the desire by the extreme right to end no-fault divorce. For those of us who are old enough to remember what contested divorce was like, it could be very ugly, expensive and dangerous. 

The desire for this arises from the opinion of the highly corrupted Clarence Thomas in the Dobbs decision last summer where he opined that the Court should look at all “substantive due process precedents.” Going backward on this issue would be disastrous, but the right cares not a whit about that. Here is a little reading to see what is afoot.

Another wild week on the democracy ride:

A) Here’s an easy one: what 2024 presidential candidate was given  70 minutes of free time on CNN to pretty much say what he wanted?

B) This free air time came just a day after this candidate was found liable for what in a New York trial?

C) who was the person who sued this candidate in the above trial?

D) What president signed a bill into law that made Mother’s Day a national holiday?

E)  The mass murderer in Allen, Texas had what initials as a patch on his shirt and what did it stand for?

F) In another mass murder in Texas last weekend, the murderer used what as a weapon as 8 were killed and nine injured?

G) Surgeon General Vivek Murthy highlighted what as a health risk, especially for older people last week?

H) What US Senate candidate from last fall may have dipped Ito campaign funds for personal expenses last fall?

I) Republicans constantly claim fraud in many government programs. Now they got one. What US Representative has been indicted for getting unemployment payments while working?

J) According to the US Census in 2022 there are 10.9 million one parent families in the US. What percentage are headed by women?

K) Athletes from the U of Iowa and ISU have been accused of doing what that is against NCAA policy?

L) In the case of one state forcing another state to raise its pork humanely, (basically California v. Iowa) how did SCOTUS decide Thursday?

M) Margery Taylor Greene, instead of proposing to regulate guns better, proposed what solution to school shooting?

N) In a similar vein, a state legislator in Texas proposed what solution to school children being shot?

O) Elon Musk claims he has hired a what for twitter?

P) Despite claims of whistleblower evidence, Republicans had to admit last week that they had no evidence of corruption by what elected official?

Q) What state is bleeding doctors after their legislature enacted extremely strict abortion restrictions?

R) An Oakland A’s broadcaster was suspended after he did what on the air last Friday (May 5th)?

S) A California panel recommended payments to the descendants of what ancestry to address past injustices?

T) The FDA this week relaxed rules for what group of people for blood donations?

I like how Democrats don’t applaud sexual assault. – John Collins tweet

Tip of the hat to EarlG on


A) Donald Trump

B) Sexual assault

C) E. Jean Carroll (Happy Mother’s Day, Ms. Carroll)

D) Woodrow Wilson in 1914

E) ‘RWDS’ for Right Wing Death Squad

F) His SUV as he drove into people waiting at a bus stop.

G) Loneliness

H) Herschel Walker

I) George Santos

J) 80

K) Betting on sports which is against NCAA policy – stay tuned

L) That California could make rules on how the meat is handled

M) Arming Grandparents to roam the halls of schools

N) That children be taught how to make and apply tourniquets

O) A new CEO – a woman at that. Expect an announcement as to whine 6 weeks.

P) President Biden. This lie was pushed hard in the senate by Chuck Grassley

Q) Idaho

R) Used a racial slur when describing a trip to the Negro baseball Hall Of Fame in Kansas City

S) former black slaves

T) gay and bisexual men

Who is the celebrity guest on next week’s episode of CNN’s new show “Applaud a Sexual Predator”? – Mrs. Betty Bowers

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