Sunday Funday: International Workers Day Is May 1st Edition

7th grader stops school bus after driver passes out (1:30)

Tomorrow May 1st is International Worker’s Day often more commonly known as May Day. No plan to go into a long discussion of the day, just to note that while pretty much that while most of the rest of the world observes the day, we in the US do not observe a recognition of labor on May 1st, but rather consign it to the first Monday of September.

Why this is true seems to be because May Day and its connection has been linked to communism in the murky past shortly after the Communist Manifesto was published. Thus May Day in the eyes of American paranoid leaders became a communist day. The Catholic Church even tried to offset the power of May Day by making May 1  a somewhat major feast – the feast of St. Joseph (Jesus’ step father) the Worker.

But no matter how you slice it since the reign of St. Ronnie the Reagan worker’s influence and status in the US has been diminished to almost nothing.

If Tucker Carlson applies for a job at blogforiowa, I am sure we will turn him away. He is simply not smart enough.

A) Let’s start with the Carlson story. This is not his first firing. What two other cable newsers dumped Carlson previously?

B) One more – it’s not like Carlson needs a job. He is the heir to what fortune?

C) In a similar story with less star power, what other cable newser was also dumped on Monday?

D)  Fani Willis, Fulton County Georgia prosecutor, indicated that the grand jury will be issuing indictments in the election tampering cases in about what time frame?

E) In Iowa students demonstrated at the state capitol against new laws concerning what new laws?

F) Trial began in New York City as E. Jean Carroll sued who for defamation of character?

G) Following the denial of one more appeal, former VP Mike Pence was seen doing what Thursday?

H) US House Republicans barely passed a bill Wednesday addressing in their odd way what looming potential crisis?

I) Former Miami Heat basketball star Dwayne Wade has moved his family from Florida due to what?

J) Again in Florida what state official has been caught altering data to make it appear that covid vaccinations were much less effective than they actually were?

K) Fittingly, what Irish born American labor leader was born on May 1st, 1830?

L) Missouri’s Republican AG, Andrew Bailey put up and then removed a form online that neighbors could turn in their neighbors who do what?

M) The corruption caucus in the SCOTUS doubles: What other Justice besides Thomas has been caught in an unreported land deal?

N) The Mississippi River in Iowa is experiencing record flooding as record snow pack is melting in what states?

O) Speaking of the Mississippi, what were conditions of the lower River at and below Memphis last summer?

P) Friday bills banning abortions in what two far right states failed in votes by the state legislatures?

Q) Sports betting is trending down in Iowa. How much did Iowans bet in March of 2023?

R) What former Cincinnati mayor and daytime TV pioneer who died Thursday was once an up and coming star in the Democratic Party?

S) Another one bites the dust: What well known retailer announced it would close up shop and liquidate its stock?

T) Harry Belafonte died Tuesday. Known for calypso and political activism, where was Belafonte born?

{Note – too much this week to quit}

U) Carolyn Bryant Donham died last week in Mississippi. She is the woman who accused what male teen of whistling at her that led directly to his death?

V) Dennis Maliq Barnes of New Orleans, La. Has earned a record $9 million of what this spring?

W) The Iowa legislature voted to restrict the power of what state office now headed by the only state elected Democrat?

X) Disney sued who last week?

Y) In Montana, Gov. Greg Gianforte was lobbied by what close relative to not sign the anti-trans bill coming from the state legislature?

Z) Finally what international newser immediately offered Tucker Carlson a job?

President Biden will never force middle class and working families to bear the burden of tax cuts for the wealthiest — which is exactly what MAGA Republicans just voted to do. – Hillary Clinton tweet



B) Swanson Frozen Foods

C) Don Lemon at CNN

D) Around July

E) Gun laws that allows guns in vehicles at schools

F) Trump

G) Testifying to a federal grand jury about the Trump rebellion

H) the debt ceiling

I) He has a son that is trans. Wade said his family could not live in Florida

J) State Surgeon General Joseph Lapado

K) Mother Jones

L) who may be trans or becoming trans (these people are sick)

M) Gorsuch

N) Wisconsin but mostly Minnesota

O) the river was low even dry in some spots. River traffic was halted

P) Nebraska and South Carolina

Q) $232 million – a million less than last March but that’s a lot of money

R) Jerry Springer

S) Bed Bath and Beyond

T) New York City 

U) Emmett Till

V) College scholarships. He is also graduating 2 years early.

W) The state auditor’s office

X) DeSantis for using state power to wreck their business

Y) Gianforte was lobbied by his non-binary son, David,  to not sign the anti-trans bills. Bye, David!

Z) Russia Today (RT)

Tucker Carlson Enters Rehab After Texts Show Him Telling Truth. – Andy Borowitz

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