Sunday Funday – High Holy Days Of Basketball Edition

But first – here is a new Randy (not safe for work) Rainbow! Enjoy (3:50)

I can’t help it. I am a super college basketball fan. Iowa’s women’s team has captured me this year, but I still have a spot for ISU’s women. I intend to truly enjoy this one unique year in Iowa college basketball. So forgive Leif I seem a bit distracted, but I am a bit distracted.

On to the game – I mean quiz!

A) Bank shots – The current banking crisis can be directly traced to a bill relaxing regulations signed during whose administration?

B) The first bank to fail is what California bank?

C) What policies pursued by the Federal Reserve also contributed greatly to the bank failures?

D) Peggy Noonan last week described what politician as “carrying a vibe that he would unplug your life support to re-charge his cell phone.”?

E) Following the lead of Eli Lilly Co. and bowing to pressure, what two Pharma companies lowered their insulin prices to a $35 monthly cap?

F) Because they have little to do the Iowa legislature passed a bill forcing transgendered students to use what bathrooms?

G) Presidential candidate Ron DeSantis called what international crisis “A territorial dispute.”?

H) Women’s history month – Who was the first black woman elected to congress?

I) A confrontation last week between a Russian military jet and a US drone ended with what outcome?

J) Midweek extreme weather included what kind of a weather system belting the northeastern US?

K) Democrats in Michigan now control both houses of the legislature and the governorship. Name two major hot button issues has the legislature has passed bills on?

L) Another week and a couple more train derailments. What states this time?

M) Minnesota state senator Steve Drazkowski voted against a bill to provide free breakfast and lunch explaining that he had never what?

N) Danny Lemoi became famous last week when he died due to the effects of long term use of what?

O) What major internet company announced a second round of layoffs bringing the total announced layoffs to 21,000/

P) Sargassum is overwhelming the beaches of what state?

Q) Workers in what major world city went on strike as the government raised their pension age from 62 to 64?

R) America still waits as a federal judge in Texas dithers on deciding the legality of what drug tied to chemical abortions?

S) In an interview conservative commentator Bethany Mandel created a tik-toc moment by being unable to define what word?

T) The US reported a rate of 32.9 maternal deaths from per 100,000 live births in 2021. How does this compare to other wealthy nations?

Going after “wokeness” to blame a bank collapse is like going after Iraq when you were attacked by 15 Saudis. – John Fugelsang


A) Trump’s

B) Silicon Valley Bank

C) Raising of interest rates

D) Ron DeSantis

E) Novo Nordisk and Sanofi

F) the bathroom corresponding to their birth gender. Sure glad Republicans don’t mess in people’s lives

G) Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

H) Shirley Chisholm

I) the US drone crashing into the back sea after Russian attack

J) a huge Noreaster

K) keeping abortion legal and strengthening gun control

L) Arizona and Washington

M) seen a hungry Minnesotan. 

N) ivermectin – Lemoi was an online ivermectin influencer

O) Meta

P) Florida – expecting DeSantis to claim it is “woke”

Q) Paris

R) mifepristone

S) “Woke” she is a well known anti-woke pundit.

T) it is more than ten times that of other wealthy countries.

When an anti-vaxxer takes ivermectin every day and tells his followers to do the same, then dies from the well-known side effects, it’s not irony or karma, it’s science.

Sweet, hilarious science. – Middle Age Riot

Hey Dads… quick question???

If your daughter attends the University of South Carolina or Clemson and she gets pregnant… do you want her to be executed for getting an abortion? – Billy Baldwin tweet

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