Sunday Funday: Subversive Edition

What I am about to show you will soon be illegal in Iowa. Certainly if some see you watching it, or hear that you have watched it, you will most likely be on the WATCH list. This is – or soon will be –  illegal here in Iowa, so this may be your last chance to watch it.

So lock the doors, pull the shades and turn down the lights. Here is 7:27 of subversive video:

Republicans seem to have no “off” setting when it comes to the crazy and to harmful moves.

A) D-I-V-O-R-C-E! Who wants a divorce between the ‘red’ states and the ‘blue’ states?

B) President Biden turned up in what most unlikely place Monday?

C) To get to that unlikely place, the President endured a ten hour trip on what transportation?

D) In what seems to be a huge breech of security Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy gave 40,000 hours of January 6th video to whom?

E) One of what was once a uniquely Iowa event, what week long gathering takes place in Des Moines starting Monday?

F) Fifteen minutes of fame division – who is Emily Kohr and why is she in the news?

G) Name a state that has been represented by a black woman senator in the US Senate?

H) In a move that is actually good for Iowans, the legislature is considering a bill that would allow increased access to what overdose reversal medication?

I ) Where did Republicans say President Biden should have been last Monday?

J) Much news from Florida this week. In Lakeland, a pregnant woman will be forced to carry her baby to term despite what?

K) Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said Friday that Russia may have to “push back” the borders of what country?

L) Famous cartoonist Scott Adams said on a podcast that white people “must get the hell away from Black people.” Adams writes what syndicated cartoon?

M) A judge in Texas is expected very soon to cut off national access to mifepristone, a drug used in what process?

N) A new draft of an FDA rule would allow plant based drinks to be labelled as what, despite opposition from the dairy industry?

O) What top Black performer of the 1950s became known for sining the Song “Strange Fruit” in concerts and other perfomances?

P) Wild weather week! What normally sunny, warm area endured heavy rain and blizzards this weekend?

Q) Democrats in the Iowa House released a plan to allow for the sale of what product currently banned in Iowa?

R) What Republican presidential candidate said in an interview that “”Social Security and Medicare are on the table.”?

S) Special prosecutor Jack Smith subpoenaed what former Trump White House appointees that really raised eyebrows?

T) What Senior Counsel under Trump was sued last week by his lawyers for non-payment of half a million dollars of legal fees?

Putin Says War in Ukraine Would Be Over If He Were Still in White House. – Andy Borowitz


A) Margery Taylor Greene

B) Kyiv, Ukraine

C) He took a 10 hour train trip to Kyiv from Poland

D) Fox News’ Tucker Carlson 

E) The high school girls basketball tournament

F) Kohr was the foreperson on the Fulton County Georgia Grand Jury that may bring charges against the former president – Kohr spoke to many news shows about itty.

G) Illinois and California (Carol Mosley Braun and Kamala Harris)

H) Narcan 

I) East Palestine, Ohio at the derailment. The derailment has been going on for a couple of weeks

J) The baby will die shortly after birth due to a defect

K) Poland – remember Republicans say we should abandon Ukraine

L) “Dilbert”

M) medical abortion

N) milk (eg – almond milk, soy milk)

O) Billie Holiday (Lady Day)

P) Southern California including Los Angeles

Q) Marijuana

R) Mike Pence

S) Ivanka Trump and jared Kushner. He is also trying to compel former VP Pence to testify

T) Steve Bannon. 

The CEOs who cut your salary & benefits, bought off your politicians, poisoned your air & water & outsourced your jobs remind you: Unions are the bad guys. – John Fugelsang

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