Sunday Funday: Presidents’ Day Edition

The more things change, the more they stay the same. FDR convention speech 1936, calling out Republican lies. 9 minutes

This Presidents’ Day seems to be kind of an unofficial kick off to the presidential campaign of 2024. Iowa will still be the Presidential kick off state for Republicans. Therefore, Republican candidates will be flooding into Iowa over the next year. Last week Former VP Mike Pence was in Iowa.

Pence is a laughable character in the annals of US politics. He worked under by far the most corrupt president and in the most corrupt administration ever – and let’s hope ever will be. Pence distinguished himself by doing absolutely nothing to stop the corruption, never reported corruption yet was dumped on by the most corrupt president ever by refusing to do just one more corrupt act before he left office.

For refusing to perform that corrupt (and illegal) act, Trump stood aside to let mobs make attempts on Pence’s life. Despite all that, Pence still refuses to call out Trump. How could such a coward seriously be considered for the US presidency? Ditto Nikki Haley, who announced last week. She also kept her mouth shut in fear of Trump.

Throughout the whole list of potential Republican candidates There is not a person who will stand up to Donald Trump. How could we expect them to stand up to Putin, Xi, Modi or switching gears, even Elon Musk. Cowards all. And they want your vote.

We have seen Biden stand up to Putin, to Xi and most importantly to Trump.

A) Some kind of a contagion? Another Russian General died from defenestration last week. Defenestration is a fancy word for what?

B) Speaking of contagions, yet a third Republican congress member has been outed for doing what during the election?

C) Presidential trivia – February 24, 1867. What president survived a vote to be removed from office by one vote?

D) Residents of East Palestine, Ohio continue to press for information following a toxic chemical spill from what kind of an accident?

E) Legal filings revealed that Fox News believed little of what they were broadcasting in a lawsuit against them brought by what company?

F) Once again a mass shooting at a school made headlines in the US Monday. Where was this shooting?

G) The next day a school shooting with no fatalities but wounding 4 students took place in what major US city?

H) Which president lived the longest?

I) Ann Coulter responded to whose declaration to run for president by saying “Go back to your own country!”?

J) What major automaker halted production of its electric truck when a battery caught fire during a quality check last week?

K) Researchers at Weill Cornell Medical College in NYC have developed a short term, fast acting drug that would act as a male what?

L) A judge in Georgia ordered a partial release of Grand Jury findings in a case involving what major politician?

M) In an Iowa speech, former VP indicated he would go after what major criminal element in our society?

N) Larry the cat completed his 12th year as chief mouser at what well known political address Thursday?

O) What major automaker issued a recall for 363,000 auto because of flaws in its’ experimental ‘full self driving’ technology?

P) Democrats in Michigan now control both houses of the legislature and the governorship. What is perhaps their top priority?

Q) Can you name the 5 men(!) who become president despite losing the popular vote?

R) What oldest sitting senator announced they would not run for re-election?

S) The Justice Department announced it would not prosecute what sitting congressman for sex trafficking?

T) What Senator said he would back off on his proposal to sunset Social Security and Medicare every five years on Thursday?

The wreckage from the Chinese spy balloon spread out over seven miles, and idiotic Republicans questioned why we didn’t take it down over people. Thank God Biden is president. – Robots Hate Republicans



A) Falling – or being thrown from – a window

B) creating a false biography. First it was George Santos, then Anna Paulina Luna of Florida, the newest is Tennessee congressman Andy Ogles.

C) Andrew Johnson

D) Train derailment

E) Dominion Voting Systems

F) Michigan State University

G) Pittsburgh at Westinghouse High School

H) And is still living – Jimmy Carter at 98 years *** Sorry to report that Carter entered hospice care at home in Georgia yesterday

I) Nikki Haley. Haley was (as required by the constitution to run for president) born in the US in South Carolina

J) Ford.

K) contraceptive. Research continues

L) Trump 

M) transgendered. What a coward

N) #10 Downing Street in London

O) Tesla

P) tightening gun regulations

Q) John Quincy Adams (1824), Rutherford B. Hayes (1876), Benjamin Harrison (1888). George W. Bush (2000), Trump (2016)

R) Dianne Feinstein

S) Matt Gaetz of Florida

T) Rick Scott (you trust this guy at your own peril)

Tucker Carlson Fears That Leaked Texts of Him Telling Truth Will Kill His Brand. – Andy Borowitz

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