Sunday Funday: We’re Back Edition

Not only is the quiz master back and ready to grill you on your knowledge of recent events, the Iowa legislature is back in session tomorrow to screw your life up. I suspect after the joke of the speaker vote in congress, the national media will be looking for some shiny bauble to distract the masses with. That bauble may well be the Iowa republican caucuses a year away.

One question they may be digging into: Can Trump win in Iowa if he is sitting in jail?

Speaking of distractions, how about some kittens? (6 minutes)

And now to the main event:

A) The sporting nation was stunned when player Damar Hamlin suffered a what during an NFL game last weekend?

B) Tuesday saw the reconvening of congress and the beginning of a marathon voting session on what question?

C) In Iowa news the city of Muscatine will be introducing what kind of housing construction this coming spring?

D) Another lawsuit against Trump. The estate of what victim of the January 6th insurrection is suing Trump and two rioters for responsibility in the victim’s death?

E) President Biden is visiting what US city today?

F) President Biden hosted a bi-partisan group while visiting what city Wednesday?

G) The big finale: What two major college teams will meet for the national title tomorrow night?

H) What state has been experiencing flooding rains due to an “atmospheric river” this past week?

I ) January 8, 1964, President Johnson declared war on what during his State of the Union address?

J) What former president received votes for speaker of the house this week?

K) The US jobs report was released Friday. How many jobs were created or lost on this report?

L) In the first two years of the Biden presidency how many jobs have been created?

M) The handover of power in Brazil took place Sunday. Who was not present?

N) Former kickboxing star Andrew Tate trolled climate activist Greta Thunberg on Twitter. Romanian police tracked those tweets and arrested Tate for what crime?

O) Speaking of tracking a criminal, Brazilian police revived a case against what member of congress whose huge lies have made him a big media story?

P) Two men were arrested in attacks on Washington electric substations did so in order to commit what other crime?

Q) What Michigan Democratic senator created headlines by announcing her intention not to seek re-election in 2024?

R) The northeastern section of the US is being hit hard by what new covid variant?

S) In Rome, a first as the current pope presided over the burial of what previous pope?

T) According to the Justice Department, mailing of what type of prescription pills does not violate the Comstock Act?

them a chance to save their party from extremists. – Sarah Reese Jones tweet


A) A heart attack – he is doing much better now

B) Speaker of the House

C) 3D printed houses made of concrete

D) Brian Sicknick

E) El Paso

F) Cincinnati

G) Georgia and TCU

H) California

I) Poverty

J) Trump

K) @225,000 gain

L) Just short of 11 million

M) The former president Jair Bolsonaro. He had flown to Florida whining about a stolen election

N) Human trafficking

O) George Santos

P) burglary 

Q) Debbie Stabenow

R) Omicron XBB.15

S) Benedict XVI

T) Abortion

I feel safer with my kids around drag queens than around Evangelical ministers and Republican politicians and it isn’t close. – John Pavlovitz tweet

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