Center for Media and Democracy Launches ‘Insurrection Exposed’

The Center for Media and Democracy
has launched a helpful website, Insurrection Exposed.  It is organized into four categories – People, Groups, Subversion Efforts and Events, then sub-categories. Super user friendly,  you can click on “Subversion Efforts,” for example, and select “Fake Electors” from a drop down menu that takes you to a page where you can further select fake electors state by state. Or under “People” you can select “State Politicians” or “Federal Politicians” or “Donors” and more. Nice to have everything in one place! Check it out.

From CMD:

In response to the ongoing threat to American democracy, the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD) launched a new Insurrection Exposed website this week.

The website is designed to provide journalists, researchers, and citizen activists an easily accessible resource for identifying hundreds of the politicians, organizations, key players, and funders who have spread the myth of widespread voter fraud, embraced Trump’s lies, engaged in efforts to overturn the 2020 elections results, fanned the flames of insurrection, undermined the public’s confidence in free and fair elections during the midterms, and are still laying the groundwork to subvert future elections.

Insurrection Exposed will help readers, researchers, and writers keep track of who’s behind these assaults on democracy and, importantly, how they are related.

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