Thoughts On The Midterm Election

The following YouTube is 45 minutes long, but is extremely informative about the Iowa press. They also have a great segment on Medicare Advantage (which is not Medicare!!!), which is followed with a segment on how advertising was used by Reynolds during the campaign. This video was posted just before the election. 

As I write this many contests nationally are still up in the air. Despite the constant bombardment from the media that this would be almost a Republican Revolution that did not transpire. Thank goodness most people were thinking rather than just being guided by the media and their constant harping on how badly the Democrats were doing.

While much of the country took a slight lean Democratic, Iowa and Florida both took a hard turn to the right. That seems pretty strange since Iowa and Florida have two of the oldest average populations in the country. Somehow, Rick Scott and Ron Johnson’s plans to do huge damage to the Social Security and Medicare systems must have somehow not been shared in these states.

You would think that the two states that will probably be hurt the worst by changes in Social Security and Medicare would be a little skittish about voting for the Party that wants these programs drastically changed for the worse. But maybe the old folks in Iowa and Florida are more concerned about owning the Libs than moving in with the kids.

Iowa’s turn right is most interesting. Kim Reynolds now will have near dictatorial power in this state. She and her predecessor, King Terry, have done quite a number on working Iowans, disabled Iowans, unions, schools, school teachers and transgendered teens.

Look for her to finish dismantling Iowa’s once highly thought of public school system as she blurs the line between church and state by sending public school money to religious private schools. And of course there is abortion – with nothing to stop her expect one of the most extreme abortion policies in the country.

What Reynolds has in mind is hard to tell. She has pretty much turned Iowa into an oligarch’s playground. But she can still cut taxes for the rich again and again, no doubt we can expect yet more restrictions on unions and – who knows – maybe a Christian chapel in the governor’s office.

Looks like the extremist Republicans in this state have come up with a winning formula in Iowa. More voting restrictions, running young people out of the state and kneeling at the throne of Donald Trump. Trump magic only seemed to work in Iowa which should give some indication of how out of step with America Iowa has become.

And of course one of the major weapons in the Reynolds arsenal is a very compliant – one might say subservient – press. There are very few non-right leaning outlets in this state and that includes the internet. Most of what we get from Iowa’s press corp on Republicans is a cheering section. 

As Reynolds and Branstad dismantled the unions in Iowa, steered the medicaid money away from the patients to wealthy corporations and is now working on dismantling our school system Iowa’s press has said little in opposition. We saw during the covid pandemic that Reynolds bad policies were met with almost no questions from Iowa’s press. Of course, had they asked questions they would lose access.

The hard turn to the right was not just in the governor’s race, all of Iowa’s congressional races went for the extreme right wing candidate. As Miller-Meeks and Hinson played games during their first terms that was not enough for Iowa voters to toss them out for much better candidates. 

It is still possible that Democrats will hold the US House. If they don’t and the extremist Republicans are in charge I think we can expect these two and Zach Nunn to play lots of games that will garner headlines but produce almost nothing in output. 

When I was brought up in Iowa it was a place that we spoke of proudly. It was a state where young women had opportunities in sports in school and then later on opportunities in business. We were a leader in society. Now Iowa seems to have moved from a leadership role to wanting to nestle between Alabama and Mississippi policy wise.

Hang on for a truly bumpy ride for the average citizen after Christmas. It sounds like Iowa is about to take a huge jump to be among the most right wing of states. Iowa Nice? Not no more!

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3 Responses to Thoughts On The Midterm Election

  1. Edward Fallon says:

    True story about the press, with WHO Radio being the worst. Ed


  2. A.D. says:

    Reynolds has a wide variety of things to do, along with the Leg, of course. Just two examples from a long list:

    (1) The Iowa Farm Bureau wants to do even more to prevent, discourage, and punish all efforts to add more public land to Iowa’s paltry bottom-of-the-nation supply. That will anger some farmers who want to be able to sell land to public agencies, but the IFB doesn’t care. No need for depressing details, they’ll appear next year.

    (2) Bruce Rastetter donated five thousand dollars to a Republican Story County supervisor candidate. That candidate, thanks also in part to donations from local developers who want more zoning freedom to sprawl, raised more money than all the other local candidates for all the other local offices put together.

    But she still lost, leaving Story County with three Democratic supervisors. For that reason alone, look for more pushing of the bill that would require all blue counties, whoops, I mean all large counties, *cough,* to elect supervisors by district. Any pretense that the Iowa Republican Party is the party of local control is long gone.


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