Sunday Funday: All Is Not Lost Edition

but first – my favorite fall video – 3 minutes

I don’t know about you, but I am so sick and tired of turning on the radio (mostly) or TV and hearing some hooey about “Republicans are going to win the mid-terms.” What a load of horse pucky. Such pronouncements are designed to do one thing: Discourage Democrats from voting. Do Not listen to this crap! I have even heard it on NPR.

I am of the firm belief that most Americans are aware that if they vote for Republicans they are likely to lose a lot including the right to a safe abortion, possibly Social Security and Medicare, the ability to have your vote count (Moore V. Harper in SCOTUS) and any possibility of having sensible economic policies. The list could go on forever. This is literally the election of your life time. Stand up and be counted or we will all face the consequences.

Another week of lies and dodging and avoiding the truth.

A) Hey, by golly, how much much has that old fiscal Grinch Chuck Grassley and his family received in subsidy payments from the US Government?

B) Get a new biz, Liz. Just hop on the bus, Truss and set us all free. Who resigned as British Prime Minister Thursday? 

C) Steve Bannon was sentenced Friday for contempt of congress. How much did this bad boy get?

D) What lawyer had his emails seized when the judge decided he was aiding in the commission of a crime with Donald Trump? Check

E) Right now, who looks like the likely successor to lead the Tory party in Great Britain?

F) 60 years ago last night, the national mood was tense as the President took to TV and radio concerning what international crisis?

G) Parents of schoolchildren in Texas were sent home DNA kits Tuesday for what purpose?

H) Ahead of the coming winter, Russia has been targeting what facilities in Ukraine with rockets?

I) In the Deep South city of Greenwood, Mississippi a statue of what casualty of racism in America was unveiled Friday?

J) The school board in the city of Cherokee, Iowa approved what policy for teachers at this week’s meeting?

K) Speaking of Iowa, a report from Common Good Iowa employers are stealing how much per year from Iowa employees?

L) At the debate between Georgia senatorial candidates Raphael Warnock and Herschel Walker last week, Walker pulled out what prop show his affinity for police?

M) The vaunted Iowa Poll last weekend showed the senate race in Iowa to be a what?

N) Which US state grows the most pumpkins?

O) Who was deposed last week in the defamation suit brought by E. Jean Carroll?

P) A Republican candidate for The College Community Governing Board in Maricopa County Arizona was arrested in early October (just became public) for doing what in the sight of a preschool?

Q) The US mint will be shipping new quarters tomorrow with whose face on them?

R) The IRS upped the standard deduction for American taxpayers to what?

S) MacKenzie Scott gave $84.5 million to what organization last week?

T) What star mouser will be welcoming his 5th Prime minister to #10 Downing Street (the official PM’s home) next week?

“Sandy Hook marked the end of the U.S. gun control debate. Once America decided killing children was bearable, it was over.”

   – British Journalist, Dave Hodges


A) Reported last week at @$1.7 million total.

B) Liz Truss (did you get the clues?)

C) 4 whole months but suspended while he appeals plus a$6500 fine.

D) John Eastman

E) Boris Johnson (Here comes the new boss; same as the old boss.)

F) the Cuban Missile crisis (October 22,1962)

G) so their children could be identified in the instance of a mass catastrophe such as a school shooting.

H) Power stations.

I) Emmett Till

J) that some members of the staff will carry guns

K) $900 million per year

L) a prop badge

M) statistical dead heat

N) Illinois which grows 40% of US pumpkins

O) Donald Trump

P) masturbating in his car

Q) Anna Mae Wong 

R) $13,850

S) Girl Scouts (Scott was married to Jeff Bezos)

T) Larry the cat 

The next time you hear someone blame inflation on stimulus checks that Americans got almost two years ago, remind them that corporate profits are at a 70-year-high. – Robert Reich

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