Sunday Funday: Pelosi Saved Us Edition

Anyone who watched the Special Committee on January 6th Thursday were made well aware that the two persons in the government who kept their heads about them and tried to stop the insurrection were Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. The radical right reaction is still best exemplified by Josh Hawley hauling ass to save his own skin.

This video shows Pelosi staying cool under fire on January 6th. At about 3:45 Pelosi says she wants to “punch him (Trump) out.” 5 minutes:

Let’s go!

A) Despicable near human Alex Jones was assessed how much in damages Wednesday to families of the Sandy Hook victims?

B) In a televised senate candidate debate in Wisconsin the audience broke out in laughter at a response by which candidate – Mandela Barnes or Senator Ron Johnson?

C) What current British PM fired the Chancellor of the Exchequer in an effort to save her administration?

D) Many were surprised when the Parkland shooter was given what sentence for his murderous rampage?

E) A Pelosi question. Pelosi was born in Baltimore, Md. Her father held what elected position in Baltimore?

F) What two largest American supermarket chains announced they plan to merge?

G) Russian hackers shut down the websites of a dozen what, including Des Moines, Monday morning?

H) BQ1 and BQ1.1 are new variants of what infectious disease that just won’t seem to quit evolving?

I) A Fox commentator drew quizzical responses when he said lunch now costs him $28 a day at what Mexican fast food outlet?

J) The January 6th committee voted unanimously Thursday to subpoena who?

K) Yet another mass shooting, this time by a 15 year old in what major North Carolina city Thursday?

L) The Kersh Bridge – what is it and why is it in the news?

M) SCOTUS handed Trump a major defeat Thursday when it refused to hear an appeal concerning the handling of what case by the 11th Circuit court?

N) Social Security recipients will be receiving a benefit increase of what percent beginning in January?

O) What ‘never really a democrat’ made it official that she was leaving the Democratic Party Tuesday?

P) Yet another climate change harbinger from Alaska as the state called off hunting season for what seafood staple?

Q) SCOTUS also refused to hear an appeal for what racist mass killer from South Carolina last week?

R) Many Americans were truly surprised when what former US Federal Reserve chair received a Nobel prize in economics?

S) Cabot Cove, Maine lost its most famous citizen when what legendary actress died last week?

T) October 16th, 1916 – the first birth control clinic in the US is opened in Brooklyn, New York by who?

{{Republicans are planning to shutdown the government to win huge concessions on SS and Medicare if they control the House or Senate after midterm elections }}

Democrats just increased your monthly Social Security check by 8.7%. Republicans want to abolish Social Security. any questions. – Jeff Tiedrich


A) $965 million

B) Ron Johnson

C) Liz Truss

D) life in prison without possibility of parole

E) Mayor (Thomas D’alessandro)

F) Kroger’s and Albertson’s

G) US airports

H) they are subvariants of the Omicron variant of covid

I) Taco Bell

J) Trump

K) Raleigh

L) the Kersh bridge connected the Crimean pennisula to Russia. Somebody blew a major portion of it up last weekend

M) The top secret documents he stole

N) 8.7%

O) Tulsi Gabbard (who?)

P) snow crabs and king snow crabs – populations are being hurt by warm e=waters

Q) Dylan Roof

R) Ben Bernanke

S) Angela Lansbury (Jessica Fletcher)

T) Margaret Sanger

Just a reminder — the top three grocery stores reported total net profits of $2.3 billion in 2022 so far. 

That’s $228 million more than the year before — $228 million that they took from YOU as a consumer. 

 CEOs are using inflation to cover up their greed.

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