Franken Hits Grassley’s Lack Of Respect For Service Members

Three star Admiral Michael Franken

From a Franken fund raising email:

Grassley must apologize to every veteran

The attacks from Chuck Grassley keep coming.

“The most liberal nominee in Iowa Senate history”

Gotta love it!

Chuck Grassley doesn’t know what to say about me. He’s never faced an opponent like me before. I’m his political nightmare, so he’s just throwing cow pies at the wall and hoping something sticks.

Calling me “radical” is laughable when Chuck Grassley supports a complete ban on abortion and letting literally anyone buy an AR-15 without even a background check. But there’s one attack that I absolutely won’t take lying down, and that’s Chuck Grassley’s attacking me for serving our country for 36 years in the U.S. Navy.

Grassley is now trying to say that because I enlisted in the military at age 19, because my deployments meant that my family had to move from state-to-state and country-to-country… that I’m not an Iowan anymore.

Chuck Grassley wants to pretend that I wasn’t raised in rural, northwest Iowa. He ignores the enormous sacrifices that my family – my wife and my kids – made to allow me to serve in the Navy.

Grassley’s attacks denigrate every servicemember and every military family that has to pack up, change schools, say goodbye to friends, spend holidays away from each other, and be absent from life’s big events like weddings and the birth of a child.

And if Chuck Grassley thinks that I will stand silent while he says that every Iowan who puts on our country’s uniform stops being an Iowan… he’s delusional.

These are the kinds of attacks I’m up against. Nasty stuff from Chuck Grassley, Mitch McConnell, and the Fox ‘Entertainment’ News propaganda network.

There’s one reason why: The GOP is scared. They’ve seen the polls, and they know that if we defeat Grassley and turn Iowa blue this November, Democrats are guaranteed to maintain our Senate majority.

In order to fight back, we need to raise $2,500,000 before our FINAL end-of-quarter FEC fundraising deadline of the campaign, but the only way we’ll hit this huge goal and send Grassley packing is if grassroots donors like you give again right now:


Grassley can see the writing on the wall. His desperation is almost palpable. Grassley just can’t get past Franken’s sterling record as a naval officer coupled with his own (Grassley’s) failed record as a US senator. That is a one-two punch that Grassley can’t just “Aw-Shucks” his way out of.

Grassley has always been party first. His main concern has been doing whatever will keep his party in power and get him re-elected. The country and Iowans have always been secondary thoughts. In recent years we have seen this illustrated in his maneuvers to to make the Supreme Court into a far right wing institution whose decisions have weakened democracy and taken rights from the poor and middle class.

As Republicans plot their next moves to further their war on the poor and middle-class we can expect Grassley will either go along or lead the charge:

  • Abortion – Grassley led the way by reshaping the Court into a radical right wing institution.
  • Social Security – As Republicans tout their renewing all legislation every 5 years proposal, expect Grassley’s and his compadres to end Social Security. 
  • Medicare – expect the same fate for Medicare and 
  • Medicaid –  Republicans have been trying to kill SS, Medicare, Medicaid and Obamacare from day 1. Re-elect Grassley and they may get their wish. Grassley will be on the bandwagon to end those programs.

Iowa needs Mike Franken for his proven leadership, for his razor sharp mind and for his keen judgement. Early voting starts in a couple of weeks. 

Mike Franken will save Iowa’s heritage, freedom, and respect for our veterans.

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