Sunday Funday: Guns In Schools Edition

Randy Rainbow’ thoughts on thoughts and prayers (4 minutes): (not safe for work)

That was quite a news story to wake up to Friday morning: The Spirit Lake School Board voted to arm (meaning carry guns) ten members of their staff. What could possibly go wrong? Well,  maybe a gun drops out of a pocket or purse and fires accidentally. Maybe (as happened a couple of weeks ago) a staffer leaves the gun in the bathroom after using the facilities. Or perhaps a student somehow obtains a gun when a staffer is distracted.

If the staffer does use his or her gun as directed, how are police to know they are “a good guy with a gun” when the bullets are flying? Teachers I have talked to have told me that if guns come into the schools then they are going out. Once bullets fly, they can hit anyone.

The more guns out there, the higher the risk they will get used. When they are used, who knows who they will hit. 

Another week for the books.

A) In a totally anticipated move, President Biden relieved loan debt for what group of people?

B) Fifty-nine years ago today, on a very hot summer day hundreds of thousands staged a march in what city to protest for civil rights and jobs?

C) California air regulators voted Thursday to ban the sale of what starting in 2035?

D) Two Florida residents pled guilty Wednesday to stealing the diary of what member of the President’s family?

E) This diary in the question above was then sold to what scurrilous “news” company?

F) In the continuing defamation lawsuit by Dominion Voting Systems against Fox News, what Fox ‘star’ will be deposed?

G) August 3, 1980 saw the formation of what workers union in Poland that led to the downfall of communist governments a little over a year later?

H) It feels like this was bound to happen – what two major purveyors of covid vaccines are squaring off in court over patents?

I) In Texas, a law went into effect that requires schools to display donated signs that have what phrase on them?

J) In the fallout from the Uvalde school shooting, what civic leader was fired from his job last week over concern for his actions during the shooting?

K) Based on data from blood tests drawn by commercial labs in Iowa, the CDC estimates that what percent of children under 18 in Iowa have had covid?

L) The UK is looking at energy bills increasing by at least how much as winter sets in?

M) Dr. Anthony Fauci announced this week he will be stepping away from his duties at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases beginning when?

N) Tuesday’s election results once again favored Democrats. In a primary in Florida, far right activist Laura Loomer blamed her loss on election rigging by who?

O) September 1, 1939 5:30 AM, Poland. What happened?

P) 300 Top Secret classified documents were reported to be found where Tuesday?

Q) In Michigan, two men were convicted in federal court in a plot to kidnap who?

R) President Biden named Kim Cheatle to head what agency that protects the president and has been mired in controversy for several months?

S) In Ukraine, a potential world wide disaster may arise as shelling continues on a what in Zaporizhzhia?

T) “We got enough trees — don’t we have enough trees around here?” This is a quote from what Republican senate candidate in Georgia, whose public statements often make no sense?

Trump took 300+ classified documents. And not just classified documents, but material classified as Special Access. That’s not stuff he can declassify. 

This is unbelievably bad. 

It’s so bad, that we may not be able to access the damage without making it worse. – Stonekettle tweet


A) people with student loans within certain restrictions.

B) Washington DC

C) gasoline powered cars.

D) Biden’s daughter Ashley

E) Project Veritas – expect charges to be filed against them for knowingly taking stolen goods.

F) Sean Hannity.

G) Solidarity

H) Pfizer and Moderna

I) “In God We Trust”

J) the police chief for the way he botched the situation

K) 84.5%

L) 80%

M) the end of this year

N) Republicans. She is a Republican

O) Germany invaded Poland starting WWII.

P) at Mar-a-Lago

Q) Governor Gretchen Whitmer

R) The Secret Service

S) a nuclear energy plant

T) Herschel Walker

“If the IRS can go after billionaires, they can go after anyone.”

Uhm, that’s the whole f*cking point. – John Collins

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