Has Uncle Chuckles Grassley Gone Round The Bend?

His misleads and lies are getting dangerous. (10 minutes, but Grassley in the first minute)

This recent video showing Grassley asking(?) (implying) that since the IRS finally got some operating money they (the IRS) will be turning into a government sponsored terrorist group. Only a totally out of touch fool would make such a statement. Only a bigger fool would believe such a statement. 

Which tells you what Chuck Grassley thinks of Iowa voters. Grassley knows that what he said was a lie – A BIG LIE! Maybe not as big of a lie as his hero’s BIG LIE, but a BIG LIE nonetheless. Grassley’s spreading of such lies tells us that he believes Iowans are fools and he can get away with spreading such lies with little consequence.

As you may note, this is another BIG LIE being spread by the radical right Republican Party. There is no lie bad enough these days that these radicals won’t spread in an effort to keep power and gain more power. Grassley is not only demonstrating his disdain for Iowa voters, he is also showing that he is 100% in on Party before Country. 

It is not like Grassley is new to lying. Remember the lies about the ACA “pulling the plug on Grandma’s health care”? Well that was Uncle Chuckles from 13 years ago. He was shilling for health care for money lobby then, not to mention the radical Republican Party of the time. Pure lie. Pure Grassley:   

“Sen. Chuck Grassley, an Iowa Republican, said at a town hall meeting today that Americans “have every right to fear” government health care reform efforts, which he suggested would lead to the government deciding when to “pull the plug” on older Americans.

“In the House bill, there is counseling for end of life,” Grassley told a crowd of approximately 300, according to the Iowa Independent. “You have every right to fear. You shouldn’t have counseling at the end of life, you should have done that 20 years before. Should not have a government run plan to decide when to pull the plug on grandma.”

Thirteen years later and Grassley continues his lies. Just a couple of weeks ago, Grassley voted against the $35 dollar cap on insulin, then tweeted out almost immediately that he voted for it despite the video of the vote clearly shows him voting against that bill. He thinks we are stupid. He is still running with that lie.

In this case, this lie may well have consequences in violent terms. People who believe these lies and who have easy access to guns (thanks in no small part to Grassley) may feel some sort of cockeyed duty to shoot at IRS employees based on lies like Grassley is peddling. We have the recent attacks on the FBI employees as the relevant example.

The IRS has been crippled by funding cuts since the days of Saint Ronnie and currently are functioning with 1980s equipment in 2022. Here is a short analysis from Joan McCarter posting at dailykos.com:   

“The Internal Revenue Service is still using technology and procedures from the 1970s to process tax returns. It had a backlog of 10.2 million unprocessed returns in July, largely because millions of people still use paper returns and they don’t have the technology to digitize them quickly. IRS employees have to manually enter the information from paper returns, one number at a time. 

They are using equipment so out of date that they have to fabricate their own replacement parts because the company that provided the originals is long out of business. The newest technology they’re working with, at least in one process facility, is a PC running on Windows XP, dating back to 2001. One-third of its staff is eligible for retirement, and it’s lost 20% of its staffing since 2010.

That’s why the IRS needs the $80 billion coming to it from the Inflation Reduction Act signed into law by President Joe Biden this week—so that it can join the 21st century. That, by the way, is a plus for ordinary Americans and particularly lower-income people who are more likely to file free paper returns and who are more likely to be counting on their refunds coming to them in a timely manner.”

Simply stated, the IRS needs the money they were appropriated to update their process. Scofflaws – mostly the wealthy – have been avoiding multi-billions in taxes yearly that the IRS is now currently unable to track due to their current status. I would think any rational voter would see that this needs to be corrected so that we all  pay our fair share. This is a matter of equity for all taxpayers.

So there you go. Grassley is lying again. Grassley is doing what he can to incite violence against federal employees based on that lie. He has plausible deniability in that he can claim that he did not directly call for violence. Yet we know the dangerous game he and his party are playing.

His lies are BIG LIES, but barely covered by Iowa’s press for two reasons. The first is that Grassley’s BIG LIES are big in reality but minuscule in comparison to the lies and corruption of the previous president. There is hardly time for the smaller ones when we are unraveling perhaps the greatest crime in American history, maybe one of the greatest crimes in history period.

The other reason is that Iowa’s press corps are deferential to Grassley after all these years.

Opposing Grassley is a man of honor who staked his career on honesty and integrity. Admiral Michael Franken made his bones with integrity. Iowans have had enough of the film-flam man they have as a senator now. I am tired of Grassley’s duplicity. Count me solidly for Mike Franken and honesty!

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  1. Arron says:

    Well said! Grassley has gotten away with too much for too long. It is sad about the Iowa Press but here we are…


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