Sunday Funday – It’s Fair Season Edition?

One thing that probably defines Iowa and the midwest more than anything is the county fairs leading up to the state fair. Now is the prime time for the county fairs. Small towns across Iowa dress themselves up to greet the county fair showers and goers. Youngsters with farm backgrounds clean and preen their livestock for show. Entrants for vegetable judging prepare their wares.

There are judgings for everything from tomatoes to talent. There may be some shows, some car races, maybe even a demolition derby and of course that magical cuisine know as “fair food.” Many of the county denizens spend some time preparing their fair entry or spend some time at the fair grounds greeting friends and neighbors. 

The county fair is perhaps the quintessential experience of life in Iowa. Right now is prime time for the fair. So walk away from that computer, get up and go to the fair. See you at the fair.  

Unfortunately reality will still be here when you come home.

A) Americans and the world were treated to some incredible photos of space taken by what last week?

B) Americans were once again transfixed by the January 6th committee this week as the committee showed the connections between militia groups and who?

C) The FDA approved a different corona virus vaccine made by what company?

D) 988 is the new crisis call number for what?

E) Iowa’s Polk County recorded a case of what new contagious disease? This is Iowa’s second case.

F) Despite being told by oversight agencies to keep texts, the Secret Service deleted text messages from what dates?

G) A girl of what age had to leave her home in Ohio in order to have an abortion performed in what state?

H) The girl in that case was impregnated by rape. The Indiana AG is looking to bring charges not against the rapist, but instead against who?

I) Who said this last week? “Since we don’t control the air, our good air decided to float over to China’s bad air, so when China gets our good air, their bad air got to move.So it moves over to our good air space. Then, now, we got we to clean that back up.” 

J) A video released from what recent mass shooting shows police doing nearly anything but stopping the shooter?

K) July 20, 1969. The world stopped for a moment to watch as what space adventure took place?

L) During his testimony to the January 5th Committee White House lawyer Pat Cipollone said who should get a Presidential Medal of Freedom?

M) A Missouri resident swimming at Three Fires Lake in Iowa’s Taylor County a week and a half ago was diagnosed with a case of what?

N) Fully 110 years after victories in the 1912 Olympic decathlon and pentathlon, what athlete is finally declared the sole winner of those events?

O) According to the Russian lawyer for Brittney Griner, the athlete had what for the use of cannabis?

P) From Portugal to Croatia, in Spain and France, what is raging as the continent experiences heatwave after heatwave?

Q) The people of which country persuaded its leader to resign and leave the country by setting his house on fire?

R) What former White House staffer appearing on CNN casually remarked that it took a lot of work to stage a coup?

S) Rep. Liz Cheney dropped a bomb at the end of Tuesday’s January 6th Committee hearing when she stated that who had called a witness?

T) Expect months of legal wrangling after Twitter sued what billionaire after the billionaire backed out on a deal to buy Twitter?

Inflation up 9.1%  – ExxonMobil profits up 283% – Gavi Begtrup tweet 

comment – Any connection you think?

Eric Swalwell  – abortion and disinformation (3 minutes)


A) The James Webb Space Telescope

B) Donald Trump

C) Novavax

D) Suicide prevention and Mental Health crisis

E) Monkeypox

F) January 5th & 6th, 2021

G) 10

H) the doctor who performed the abortion

I) That, folks, is Herschel Walker an actual Republican candidate for the US senate in Georgia

J) The Uvalde school shooting

K) Men (Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin) walked on the moon

L) Then VP Mike Pence (Pence was only doing his job)

M) brain eating amoeba. Very rare, usually fatal. 

N) Jim Thorpe

O) a doctor’s prescription

P) Forest fires

Q) Sri Lanka

R) John Bolton

S) Donald Trump

T) Elon Musk who backed out of his deal to buy Twitter for $44 billion last weekend.

I’m getting pissed at all the Biden bashing. He’s brought us away from the brink of a terrible cliff. A little gratitude and support would be nice. – Teri Velazquez

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